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  1. I'm considering heading down to the park on Monday or Tuesday for the first time. Any advice on crowds and/or which coasters to hit first, etc?


    I always go straight to El Toro, then Bizarro, then Kingda Ka, then Nitro. After that it's really whatever you want to do. Just remember that Green Lantern and Superman will always have long lines until the end of the day about an hour before closing. As long as you are wise with wait times you will be able to get on everything.

  2. I find it crazy how one of their excuses for removing a classic ride was that there was "a new generation of rides" was now being built... Intamin has had the ability to build a drop tower onto a coaster tower for the past 13 years (built giant drop attached to ToT at dreamworlds in 1998)


    The point is that Rolling Thunder is much older and outdated compared to the new generation of coasters and rides that we have now. In 1979 there were no 415ft drop towers mounted on 456ft tall roller coasters. Rolling Thunder was a top notch ride when it opened and now its time for it to retire so that the new generation of rides can take over.

  3. Dunno if this was mentioned before, but I saw it posted on Facebook and thought it was interesting...


    Could it be possible that SFGAdv is redoing Kingda Ka's top hat and turning it into an inverted top hat? This would give Kingda Ka the highest inversion on a roller coaster in the world record, and GAdv already stated that the new addition would be record breaking. I'm all in for a "Giga-Drop", but this sounds like it could be a possibility as well.


    Although it makes sense from the hints (This will be sure to "top" everyone's ride list) I think that is very unlikely.



    Also, it is referred to as a Giga Drop everywhere, but wouldn't it technically be a Strata Drop?

  4. Those appear to be the same color as Kingda Ka's tower supports.... so either we are looking at the drop tower, or ANOTHER green roller coaster...


    Honestly, its kind of sad that in one part we have two yellow coasters, and 2 green coasters, and they're both right next to each other.... fail.


    We are looking at a kingda ka drop tower. And nobody is confusing Green Lantern and Kingda Ka or Nitro and Batman.

  5. Hello everyone. This is my first project in a while, and one of the only ones I intend on finishing. With Banshee being announced for King's Island last night, we saw the new (and unexpected) trains that will represent the future of B&M Inverts. Someone's gotta do it first, so why not me?


    This is only 30 minutes of work, so go easy on me. I know there is still a lot more to do, but I haven't presented anything in a WIP format for a long time and I wanted to be the first one .



  6. I've ridden Kingda Ka in rain before. When we got to the launch area it started slightly drizzling. I mean very slightly, like you would feel 1 drop every 10 seconds. It picked up a little when the launch was initiated and then about 2 seconds after the on-ride photo it turned into a heavy rain. It definitely hurt, not as bad as you would think rain at 130mph would feel, but not too far off. The worst of it was when you first start to ascend. Just head on into rain. I was in the front row but in the second row of seats so I didn't get the worst of it.

  7. Hi everyone!


    So I am planning a trip to SFGAdv in August. I am so excited, the last time I visted this park was probably 15 years ago. I will be at the park either Wed Aug 21st or Thurs Aug 22nd. I am planning on getting to the park shortly after it opens, which rides should I hit up first? I am hoping to avoid insanely long lines by going on a weekday. Also, what are some of the tastier food options in the park? Is there any food stand/restaurant that stands out from the others. Thanks for the advice!


    I'll be there on August 22nd as well. For food and restaurants, there aren't any stand out ones in my opinion, but if you want to play it safe and have some good food, Johnny Rockets is the way to go. If you are able there before opening (I get there like 2 minutes before they open) go straight to El Toro. You will be able to get in at least 3 or 4 rides before a line starts to form. After that hit Kingda Ka. The rest is pretty much up to the lines. Nitro should hold a 30-45 minute line all day, but at night you can get a walk-on. Green Lantern and Superman are going to have a constant 2hr + wait, so wait until night to ride those because then they are only about 20 minutes each. The rest of the coasters will average between 5-30 minutes usually. Bizarro and the Dark Knight having the shortest and Batman usually having about 20 minutes.



    On to the topic of 2014. I had a cool idea for a Nightwing themed coaster to go where The Chiller once was. Not saying any of it will happen, I just wanted to share my idea. Premier Launched coaster named Nightwing that starts where Chiller was, goes out over Nitro and back. Rename Movietown to Gotham City. There's two things to market now, new coaster and "new" area. You will open up the path around Nightwing to fit in more places to eat, giftshops, and maybe even a flat ride somewhere.


    The old Batman show building would have to be removed, but that's it. I started to make my layout idea in NoLimits. The track isn't exactly to scale, but it's close.



    Launch - highspeed turn into - Norwegian Loop - Zero-G Roll - Giant Corkscrew - (To be added: Overbank, airtime hill under the cork, some quick turns, a few bunny hills, and then a turn into the brakes.)




    If you aren't familiar with Nightwing, he is the original Robin who changes his ways and becomes a hero instead of a sidekick. http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/11111/111111473/2947942-4304625018-night.png




    Updated the train concept to feature a better logo.


    Track would be that light blue color, supports would be black.



    (sorry for that long post, haha)

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