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  1. Yes, Saturday the 27th was the busiest I've seen the park all year. Even busier than the summer. Bridge of Terror and Toxic Fallout seemed to be getting negative feelings, but everybody seemed to rave over Backwoods Bloodshed & Blood Factory.


    I feel TF and BoT would have benefitted a lot if some walls were put up so you couldn't see it from the midways. Even some cheap black plastic would've done the job. I did however enjoy this year's Fright Fest more than past years.

  2. 10-12 is a lot of people in my opinion. To me that is too many. With that many people when something pops out in the front of the group the rest are going to see it and know when things are going to pop out. I will see how it goes when I go on the 27th.


    But the Bridge of Terror is very tight, and there are alot of turns and walls blocking your view. Because of the limited sight, the large groups really didn't take much away in my opinion.

  3. The description for Ghost Town on the Fright Fest website gives a little backstory about Coyote Creek!


    As night settles over Coyote Creek, the eerie cries of the coyote echo and haunt the area. Locals say they often hear what sounds like a gun fight, with screams of pain from wounded men. When the moon is hidden the ghosts of fallen cowboys and gun slingers from the Wild West haunt the midway and turn Coyote Creek into a Ghost Town.


    The most famous of the fallen cowboys is Wyatt van Earp. He was a simply cowboy working to earn his keep, and hoping for a better life. As often was the life of the cowboy Wyatt drifted from job to job until one day he saw the most beautiful young girl, Ms. Elsie Mae Griffith. She was young and pretty – full of life with a spark in her eye and a little wild streak.


    Elsie Mae was betrothed to the town founder and mayor, Thomas Coyote – a rich and cruel man who threatened to take Elsie’s cattle ranch if she didn’t marry him. With the choice of destitution or marriage Elsie chose to marry against her better judgment. Until the day that Wyatt van Earp rode into town. Wyatt and Elsie Mae secretly courted, falling madly in love. Wyatt warned Elsie Mae not to tell anyone of their love and that he would find a way for them to be together. One night as they snuck off to be meet under the moonlight Mayor Coyote saw Elsie and followed her.


    When the two lovers met and embrace Coyote became enraged and demanded a duel at sunset the next day with Wyatt. Elsie Mae was terrified but Wyatt knew it was the only way to be free from Mayor Coyote. The next day at sunset Wyatt went out to in front of the Crazy Horse Saloon ready to make his own destiny. Little did he know that Mayor Coyote had sent one of his men to the roof of the Saloon with a rifle to shot Wyatt just before the duel, ensuring that he would get Elsie Mae and her land.


    Elsie Mae saw the man on the roof just as he was taking aim, screaming for Wyatt and running to protect him she threw herself in front of him just as the bullet cracked through the air and slammed into her chest, saving Wyatt but losing her life instead.


    Wyatt held Elise as she lay bleeding and dying in his arms, whispering words of love and comfort until she passed. Covered in her blood and enraged with grief Wyatt pulled his six-shooters and began an epic gun fight in the street with the Mayor and his men.


    By the end Wyatt was the only man standing. Grief stricken and out of his mind he painted his face with their blood and strung up their bodies at the beginning of town so the coyotes could devour at their dead flesh.


    Now as the sunset the epic fun fight continues over and over again, never allowing Wyatt and his Elsie Mae to unite in the love they shared. Visitors who dare to trespass at night say they see Wyatt screaming for Elsie as he watches the coyotes eat the dead bodies of his enemies.


    I know most people don't care about storylines like this, but I'm a huge fan of this kind of stuff!

  4. I am pumped for this year's Fright Fest! I'm attending this Friday and I haven't been since 2010 so I'm ready to experience all the new attractions!


    I have been through Bridge of Terror before so I know what to expect, but Blood Factory, Terror Twister and Toxic Fallout seem like they are gonna be awesome too.


    It's also clever how they will be having the Carn-Evil near Joker's Jinx, because of the evil clown similarities!

  5. Was never aware they had Terror Twister at SFA. That's awesome, and totally worth the 20 minute drive. If I had free tickets, I might consider going.


    It takes a lot for me to go to this park. Every time I have gone in the past, I just want to leave as soon as I get there. It's that depressing.


    When's the last time you went? A lot of people who have terrible experiences in the past, have returned recently and saw how much the park is turned!

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