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  1. Yes, there is a boat load of land. They own all of the wooded areas around the park.


    A lot of the wooded areas can't be used or developed due to environmental laws. That's why a Fortnite based VR attraction would be great! Compact and doesn't need much land development, but would be entertaining!


    Six Flags have already tested VR on coasters, a full VR attraction is next logical step!

  2. Pokemon Go is still popular and thriving! I still think Fortnite would be a better option for an SFA attraction however...



    I notice a Coke Freestyle in Coyote Creek at Tex's favorites. Nice. Although, I don't remember Tex's favorites. Anyone?


    Tex's is the first building in Coyote Creek, used to be called Tex's Turkey Legs! They used to have a Coke Freestyle in the Coyote Creek Candy Shop, but that was removed sometime in 2017.

  3. ^ Agreed. I wouldn’t want anything Fortnite themed in my park either. That game is so overrated rated I’d much rather play GTA V(Online) the most profitable entertainment(and video game) in the world(seriously this is true) than it.


    That may be profitable but it doesn't lend itself to theme park entertainment! Fortnite definitely does with it's bright colors and creative characters. It also netted a 3 billion dollar profit in 2018.


    It's not a matter of opinion it really is just a matter of financial fact. Successful Fortnite plus Successful Six Flags equals Profitable Partnership for both!


    Six Flags America is close to DC and Baltimore and both areas have a high concentration of Fortnite gamers. It would do better at our park here than in a market like Magic Mountain or Great Adventure where heavily themed attractions are more commonplace.


    I only speak for me here, but no, I would have absolute zero interest in trying something, anything...a ride, a restaurant, a game, you name it...themed to Fortnite just because it was themed to Fortnite. And I am a gamer.


    Seriously, just give it up.


    The 10-16 demographic has a HUGE MONOPOLY on theme park attendance. How many theme parks do you go to where it is just adults walking around? None. If kids want to go to a park, the parents will pay to take them. Trust me, I've worked in Economics for 4 years and that is basic business.


    When Thomas Town at SFA opened it was hugely popular. Now that it is Whistlestop, no one cares! Reinvigorating that area with a Fortnite theme would be financially minuscule but attract a lot of guests.


    Attached is an idea of retheming Whistlestop to "Fortnite Land".


    Nobody complained when Six Flags brought DC Comics to the parks and no one complained when Disney brought Star Wars to the park. Why is Fortnite coming to Six Flags bringing such hate? It is a viable IP with a long staying power. Common sense move!



  5. If it wasn't for your posts here, I'd have no idea what Fortnite even is.


    Really? It is the biggest video game around right now. Arguably bigger than Halo, Call of Duty, or Mario! Six Flags is missing out big time by not cashing in on it's popularity right now.

    All three of those franchises have staying power, and Mario is the most recognized character period. Not just games, but all media. More people can recognize Mario than Ronald McDonald.


    But yeah, a free to play game that touts its number of downloads and won't say how many active players there are, already having to fend off multiple lawsuits....shure. They're totally missing out there.


    Sally is developing a Five Nights at Freddy's dark ride...


    Universal Studios is adding an entire Nintendo themed land...


    Carowinds has a Plants VS Zombies attraction...


    Popular video game IPs are nothing new to the theme park industry. With as much money as Fortnite is making, yes it IS a stupid decision to not cash in on it. You don't have to PLAY Fortnite to even enjoy the idea. Imagine a Fortnite themed restaurant called "Moisty Mire Cafe" where you can get a specialty cocktail named after an in-game powerup. Even if you've never played a match in your life, it would still be fun to get an exclusive drink in a souvenir cup. Guests would eat it up and make diaperloads of cash.

  6. Macho Nacho from Great Adventure, one of the best restaurants in their park:

    I generally like Macho Nacho, but someone needs to adjust their expectations.


    What would you say the best restaurant at SFGAdv or SFA is? I would currently say at Great Adventure it is either that or Best in the West. For America, I would say Crazy Horse Saloon or Gold Rush Chicken!


    And yes, I'm serious about wanting Fortnite at Six Flags. I am an avid player and would love to see a theme park experience based on it. With Six Flags recent infatuation with VR, featuring a popular video game IP is the next logical step.


    Disney has Lefou's Brew, Universal has Butterbeer, Six Flags should have Slurp Juice or Chug Jug!

  7. It's pretty cool that Macho Nacho is coming but I'm still so disappointed that the Fortnite rumor turned out to be false. It would be so easy to add a Fortnite theme to the new additions like making Firebird a battle bus coaster, making Macho Nacho fortnite themed with "burrito loot boxes" and other options. I would love to have a Fortnite Dance Contest take place in the Gotham arena. Even have Fortnite characters do meet and greet photo opportunites. It would be superlit to take a selfie with Skull Trooper.


    Here is the description of Macho Nacho from Great Adventure, one of the best restaurants in their park:


    "America’s neighbor to the South is known all over the world for creating earthy, delicious, spicy food. Mexican cuisine has become a local favorite no matter which state you live in, but how hot you take it is up to you.


    For your culinary journey South of the border, start with the basics. A plate of cheesy nachos dressed with sour cream and salsa is the perfect start to any meal. Next try a burrito stuffed with seasoned rice, black beans, and choice of meat. That intoxicating smell of richly-seasoned chicken and beef coming off the grill is calling your name. You can’t beat a taco salad stuffed with savory ground beef, cheese, shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes. Or just keep it simple with a tasty little chicken, pork or plain cheese quesadilla.


    Enjoy our salsa varieties to spice up your meal. Throw in a couple of jalapeños for bonus points. But make sure you have an ice cold Coca-Cola® standing by, because this could be intense. You see, roller coaster riders aren’t the only daredevils."

  8. Fortnite at Six Flags America makes a lot of sense. They have a long history of tie-ins with video games (Wii Play Center, Resident Evil Night @ Fright Fest, Street Fighter Challenge, etc). Last summer they did have a WWE 2k18 booth up with options to purchase/play.


    A temporary "Fortnite Summer" retheme of park attractions would be great way to drum up attendence. Transform the wave pool in to Loot Lake? Have a Fortnite dance off with Bugs Bunny flossing and Batman doing Best Mates? The possibilities are endless.

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