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  1. visited Fright Fest the other night, thought I'd post ratings of the 6 houses


    Terror Toy Shop - 8/10 - Super entertaining, must do

    Twisted Fairytales 3D - 7/10 - fun but not that scary

    Aftermath - 4/10- Lots of empty spaces, not very scary

    Voodoo Curse - 5/10 - biggest letdown of the night, not much voodoo & more generic haunted house I noticed

    Haunting of Hall Manor - 9/10 - amazing trail, very spooky, must do

    Spider Outbreak - 5/10 - short house and had a short wait, spooky but nothing to write home about

  2. Related to BOAS, I remember back when Expedition Everest first was coming out, there was an online scavenger hunt game themed to the village of Adandapur and one of the prizes you could unlock was a teaser video for the ride. In the video I remember seeing brief glimpses of an AA snow leopard but I've never seen it in the ride. Did the snow leopard ever appear, is it still there, or was it taken out? Or is my memory just on the fritz....

  3. ^Shhh! Stop telling them SFA doesn't suck! You're just going to make the lines longer for people like my family and me who actually enjoy the park for what it has become in the past few years.


    You're also wasting your time. Disney could buy SFA, revitalize the plans for Disney's America and turn it into one of the top 10 most visited parks in the world, and 90 percent of the posters you're trying to convince will still swear on their dead grandmother's false teeth that it's the worst park on Earth because, you know, it's SFA.


    Been there, done that.



    Keep in mind that SFA only sucks in the eyes of some enthusiasts, but the GP love it, and that what contributes mostly to the success of a park.

    And as unlikely as it is, that would be awesome if Disney bought SFA.

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