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  1. I believe the only ride that has designated rows is Apollo chariot, Griffin, alpengeist, verbolten all let u select a row. At least they did last year.
  2. No they stopped it once Elmo ate one of the children. My 2 year old won't care, more time for him. Lol
  3. I hope everyone complains about the restraints that way I can get more rides in. Personally I can't believe the restraint debate is still out there. Maybe they could modify it to have mind erasers restraints or maybe they could buy the original restraints from the flight of fear and put them on it. I'll enjoy the re-rides.
  4. I hope there's enough cheese to go along with the amount of wHine in here lately . Holy Crap
  5. I'm planning on taking a trip down to BGW in July, on a saturday. Should I buy Quick Queue passes online beforehand or can I buy them at the Park the day we are going???
  6. This may be a REALLY stupid question but do you think there will be some sort of retractable floor in the station, for shorter people to get in the winged seat?
  7. Awesome pictures as usual! Just saw on Kathleen Burrows twitter that the first train will be on site. Should be exciting
  8. It looks like they are really moving at Hersheypark, I Cant wait for May. The videos from the construction site are pretty awesome as well. Thanks for sharing!!
  9. This advertisement was in december 17ths Hershey Bears program. Interesting looking lap bars in this pic , don't ya think? Advertisement in the Hershey Bears program
  10. My only guess is that the winters have been kinda harsh to the areas the past couple of years. I know they have had some set backs due to the flooding a couple of weeks ago. Maybe they are giving them selves a couple extra weeks just in case. Just out of curiosity how do you guys think the loading station will work? with part of the seats being winged and part of them being on the track? Do you think the floor will come up just under the winged seats? How do you think that'll work?
  11. I'm in MD,I consider Hersheypark to be my hometown park. I am actually about halfway between Hershey and SFA.
  12. SDL runs awfully close to the terrain there near the end. I know if your tall you can actually grab tree branches in certain spots
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