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  1. I know what the "surprise" is on Thunderation. It's a great mine train, that's for sure. Also, there's a CAVE at SDC?!?!??? Wow....I feel stupid. I went there in '03 and thoroughly enjoyed the park, but had absolutely no clue there was a cave underneath it. Something to do for next time I guess!
  2. The whole "rides running in the snow" thing I expected, but the parade?!?! That looked like an awfully big snow flurry and yet there was the parade chugging by, performers and all. In DL they cancel ANY sort of entertainment (fireworks included) if it's barely sprinkling. That was probably the biggest surprise of the TR. Those are some nice pictures of the snow, too!
  3. Worst: any of the American Big Thunder's. I can't stand how the post-2nd lift is the best part of the ride whereas the post-3rd lift could be survived by a 2-year-old. Best: Fire in the Hole at Silver Dollar City, mainly because it's such a "WTF I just dropped into WATER?!" ending to an "OMG what the hell is this??" ride. Great ending.
  4. While I often consider DL my "home" park, this is my true home park. I'm glad to see it looking so good in all the pictures. Keep them coming!
  5. I've had two for the past few years: Six Flags and Disneyland (Premium AP).
  6. LOL....oh man. That made me giggle, especially considering the picture it goes with. Thanks for the great pics! I've been going to SFDK long before it was owned by Six Flags, and I'm glad to see the park doing so well.
  7. Oh, whoops. That's why I shouldn't post after midnight....then I make stupid mistakes like that. I've only been on Rockit (2006 version) once, idk why I put twice. Either way, it was still enough for me to notice a difference when I went on Rockin' the following Spring. And yeah, the wait time was posted as 125 minutes, but it only took about half that. Somehow I think the absence of FP played a factor there....because all the attractions were like that. The waits were dramatically shorter than actually posted, though that's a different discussion in itself.
  8. Not all of the current Rockin' effects were installed when the ride was refurbished. When people distinguish between Rockit Mountain (2006) and Rockin' Space Mountain (2007) they're really talking about two different versions entirely. When Rockit Mountain originally premiered, there were a LOT less effects than there are currently. It was certainly more tacky before. Between Rockit's closure and Rockin's debut, they added many more new effects and expensive lighting equipment. I've been on both versions multiple times (Rockit twice and Rockin' at least 6 times) and there were definitely differences between both of them. As for Rockin' in 2008, it's been mentioned that if it does come back, it wouldn't be the RHCP again. Which, IMO, is a smart choice because they didn't work at all for me on Space. "Let It Out" was a lot more "rock" and gave the ride the oomph it needed to really be rockin'. The best part of the RHCP was the last 10 seconds when the soundtrack really kicked into high gear; unfortunately, that left you going "WTF?" the other 50 seconds. I wouldn't expect to see it on Screamin' this year, either. Something tells me the ride will probably close sometime early next year for Midway Mania construction and/or a redressing of its queue. EDIT: I just checked the Disneyland.com calendar, and there's no listing for a refurb of Space on those dates. When was the last time this info was checked??
  9. Are they reconfiguring the old track so that it loops completely around the Shark Experience? I know before the train looped around the Shark Experience because it had to turn around, but since they took out the tracks in the food court area they can't use that section any more.
  10. Yes, and that's what makes it a blast! On the first launch the train doesn't go full speed, so you end up suspended upside down (depending where you're sitting). The 2nd time through it goes the full length of the spike. On the final pass it's pretty much the same as the 1st with people getting suspended upside down. It's really a unique ride and lots of fun! I'm really pleased with all the improvements to the park this season. Though DL is my home park in spirit, this has always been my true home park since it's the closest to my house. Great to see all the money being poured into it!
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