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  1. My first coaster was the Comet at the now defunct Fontaine Ferry Park in Louisville, Kentucky. Built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Co., the Comet operated from 1951 until the park closed in 1969, and featured a 90-foot first drop and 3,800 feet of track. Great ride, responsible for my love of coasters to this day.
  2. A bit of a slow year in 2011 as far as trips go, but managed to make it to these parks: Kings Island - Cedar Point - Coney Island Cincinnati - Waldameer - Busch Gardens Tampa - Universal Studios Orlando - Islands of Adventure - Mt. Olympus - Timber Falls Adventure Park - Noah's Ark Favorite new coasters added to my list: Ravine Flyer II - Incredible Hulk - Hellcat - Hades - Cheetah Hunt
  3. Lots going on that weekend to keep me from coming. Somebody PLEASE talk me into it! I haven't been to SFOG since the '70s.
  4. The last coaster I rode, on 8/7, was Hades at Mt. Olympus. Up next, Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens Africa.
  5. Tear down Mean Streak, transport it to Cincinnati, pile it up inside the layout of Son of Beast, light a match and enjoy Ohio's biggest and best ever bonfire!
  6. Wow, Hades 10x worse than Mean Streak? Not even close. Hades can be rough but is still a great ride. Mean Streak is just awful. Spent a couple of days at Mt. Olympus the week before you and thought it was a great little collection of wooden coasters. Zeus was the rough one when we were there. Also, Hellcat at Timber Falls is another woodie worth checking out. Thanks for posting the photos. Love how close you can get to the coasters.
  7. The last coaster I rode was Ravine Flyer II, last Friday at Waldameer. Awesome!
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