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  1. Is Media Day for LL:DoD rescheduled now for July 5 or 6? Thanks in advance.
  2. Yep, June 28th is gonna be a media frenzy! Can't wait to see the local news reporters show and freak out on this ride on live T.V., ha!
  3. Got a question. Has anyone gone to an 'after hours' day? I plan to go May 18 where it will be exclusive only for AAA Club members who get the park to themselves from 6pm-midnight. Can I invite with me 1-2 more people (non AAA Club members) or does everyone have to show a AAA card? What can I expect from crowds? I figure there can't be that many AAA Club members, so even on a Friday night I would hope to get multiple rides in the dark! I would like to know anyone's experience before having to call SFMM or AAA for more detailed info. Thanks!
  4. I too am for a Giga with lots of airtime and zig zag thru the forested hills. There isn't one yet on the West Coast! And knowing SFMM, they want to be in a position as being the FIRST! Likely an Intamin custom made with elements of Maverick, Intimidator 305, or Millenium Force but taller, bigger!! The swift early removal of Log Jammer and clearing of the area can be a sign. Only time will tell, if we start to see some kind of markers spread throughout the area. We can then get a better idea what's coming! And let's not forget the former Deja Vu area! Ahhhhh, the possibilities!! 2012-2013 is surely gonna be an exciting time for the Mountain!! ……starting with Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom!
  5. SFMM's Fright Fest looking really awesome on the official SFMM website. I remember helping select some of those graphic images in a survey. I will definitely make multiple trips this October - 1 for the mazes at night, and another night for lights out coaster riding. Ooooh, Batman with fog, gonna be so sweet! Fog effects on Apocalypse would be freaking awesome as hell too!! (hint, SFMM ) http://frightfest.sixflags.com/magicmountain
  6. I (Season Pass holder) was there on Wed. (Aug 31), and it was a very pleasant, relaxing day without the huge crowds normally seen on weekends. The weather was not too hot, I too like how Magic Mountain is looking these days. There was plenty of shade around from trees, queue canopies, and umbrella covered outdoor tables. Got a Ben n Jerry's Cherrie Garcia and kicked it under the shade in front of Green Lantern: FF. Watched one train rotate at least 6 times, it was hilarious! The ride ops on ALL the rides I went on also seemed high spirited. They carried conversations with the us in the queues waiting for our turn to ride. Had such a great time there, I treated myself (and rewarded SFMM) by buying almost $40 worth of SFMM merchandise, but the cashier graciously asked me if I had a Season Pass, and got 15% off! Just past 5pm, with funnel cake in my hand, I was still greeted on my way out by a SFMM employee...hoping he could have some, ha! As for Deja Vu, I don't feel so bad now seeing it go. I've had my share of rides on it, and it instantly became one of my favorites. It's going to another SF park who I think needs the ride a lot more than we do. We're so spoiled here, by 2013 I believe there will be a new coaster standing in its place that will be just as good or better! Looks like I will be renewing my Season Pass, bring on Lex Luthor: DoD 2012!
  7. I'm getting really stoked for this. Can you imagine the weightlessness you will feel coming down the 40 story tower at 85 mph? It's freakin insane!!! Have people blacked out on these type towers?
  8. And Freefall scared the crap out of me at just 10 stories high. Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom will be 4x that!!!
  9. Awwh, man! I hate to see Deja Vu go. I don't care for titles, but what prides me the most about SFMM is they have the best variety of coasters on the planet. Seeing Deja Vu go would remove the 'boomerang' style out of the park's collection. For me, Deja Vu was one of the more intense coasters ranked with X2, Tatsu, and Goliath. This made it's location strategic. I would hope SFMM replaces it with another high intensity coaster, like a Megalite (I want a Giga or Strata closed circuit!) to liven that area, just like the awesome job they did with DC Universe. I can see it now, an Intamin Giga/Strata going over Apocalypse, just like Goliath over Colossus, ha!! Too ambitious, I know...but the world is gonna end in 2012, so why not go all out and GO BIG, real BIG!
  10. Rumors, for now....just like the Log Jammer being removed. I hope Deja Vu doesn't go anywhere! It's a great ride and adds a balance in the variety of coasters at SFMM. If it were to be removed, they better replace it with a BIGGER boomerang coaster, ha! Oh, Green Lantern is an awesome ride - doesn't take much space, in fact makes good of the space it sits on next to Batman. Been on it twice already, and ready for more. The GP love it, their reactions are some of the best at the park, returning to the station upside down, lol!
  11. Wellll, since Intamin is around, I can see a 400+ ft drop ride topping something like the Giant Drop in Dreamworld, Australia: But an updated one with much better load capacity, possibly taking the spot where Sling Shot is or that small enclosure area near Buccanneer. I personally would like an Intamin Strata closed circuit coaster straddling the mountain or the Metro path, a far shot....but a possiblity in another 2-4 years! Go BIG!!
  12. Does anybody remember Condor? I believe it's in SFGA now. Would it be considered as a Starflyer? I never got to ride it, it had a very short time at SFMM. It didn't seem too popular, so I think a record breaking drop tower/gyro would better fit SFMM's Xtreme theme. BTW, SFMM's website has announced Green Lantern's opening is July 1!!!
  13. Great shots Rideslover! Glad you had a great time. Green Lantern looks quite impressive in those shots, I look forward to DC Universe in July! Sad to see what has become of Superman just dumped out there. I hope for some Intamin giga coaster to take up the old Monorail station and circle the park, ha wishful thinking!
  14. I agree (hopeful wishing!). I'm so glad SFMM is out of that 'for sale' closure scare in 2006. There seems to be a lot more confidence now, even in this recession. It's good to know Intamin is back on board with S:EFK and GL, I feel these are only teasers for something huge possibly for 2012 or beyond. Intamin's latest creations like Intimidator 305 are killer!! I can definitely see something of that nature fitting into SFMM's 'X-treme' ride park. What's the new motto now?....GO BIG!!
  15. My understanding of the larger versions of this ride (like this one) is it is blocked and I believe there might also be a MCBR, I think on the 3rd level from the top where the car rides on top of the track, there is a straight section that looks to contain emergency/block/trim brakes. Never ridden one just going from the pics and video I've seen. If they can run multiple cars on it then it has to be blocked somehow. That third level from the top is an acting full brake. It's a really smart brake and slows the train down if it's going too 'insane' or barely touches it if it's not. It can also fully stop the car if necessary. The lift can also act as a block. ^^ True....if you want to see it in action, take a look at its 'Insane' twin in Sweden. There seems to be only a half rotation towards the end. Hmmm, I read somewhere it depends on the rider weight and distribution. I hope SFMM figures a way to make the rotations more probable like in the promo video for Green Lantern.
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