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  1. Side Note: Latest Screamscape rumor for Knott's is the giga coaster is looking less of a reality. I always thought a giga was much too big for the Farm, and would be much more suited in SFMM (GoBig!) I hope i'm wrong, but I don't think Premier's coaster will hit over the 300ft mark. So, maybe that elusive first giga (Intamin!) we all hope for here in the West Coast is destined to come to the Mountain....some year!
  2. I like how you're thinking! There is hope still for the Intamin giga we ALL want!!! I know it's doubtful, but I'm gonna keep dreamin'. I'll be happy whatever SFMM gets cause with the terrain, it's gonna be a huge custom built original just for the Mountain!
  3. Haha, I love it!! Of course Six Flags Magic Mountain's coasters are gonna look 'mediocre' if you compare it to 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 big eastern U.S. side coasters from DIFFERENT parks. Not all of us have the money or means to travel around the States to experience each of those 'world class' coasters, and I am sure they're great! But like our European friend, if he could pick one park to experience the most variety of thrill coasters, SFMM is definitely on top of the list. IMHO, Cedar Point and SFGAdv are also tops.
  4. Arrrrgh!! This suspense is killing me....It sucks so bad there are people who know what it is already! Where's Amanda? I'm so excited now, I would be happy whatever it is....Premier shuttle, Intamin blitz, Kingda Ka, Mack launch... We know for sure there's a tunnel, launch, and it's 'huge' (inversion?). Aug 30 just now seems so far away. I hope more little details keep spilling till then!
  5. It's actually going to be rebuilt down by the mega ferris wheel across from the Mandalay Bay. You sure it's not being relocated to SFMM for the 2013 surprise? j/k Cool, I look forward to riding it with i'm sure, new (no OTSR's) trains!
  6. ^^ I was looking back @ Speed: the Ride in Las Vegas which had OTSR's. But after some research, I find out the ride is now defunct. I'm glad to have ridden it once.
  7. That's an awesome ride, especially when you first come out of the tunnel into a sharp left bank turn. With the almost certainty now of Premier Rides Facebook announcement and the aforementioned indicators, i wouldn't mind a Speed: the Ride/Mr. Freeze type coaster. I just hope the 'longest coaster' rumor stands strong, adding a phenom twist to the ride. And please, Premier, no OTSR!!
  8. Hmmm, from reading Premier's website, and the former Log Jammer (water) area.....the world's longest Liquid Coaster! I'm down with that! Maybe an updated version of Powder Keg coaster on steroids, anyone?
  9. Great find on the 70's SFMM aerial photo. Now wouldn't it be awesome if the new coaster travels that same route as the old monorail (Airtime!!)? Add the log jammer area and old monorail station and you have one giant coaster! Definitely covers the longest coaster rumor, but this would cost million$$! At this point, I'm just excited the 2013 coaster is now a reality!
  10. The strong rumors of a dual launch, being the longest coaster, and the large amount of land cleared makes me believe it's something much more 'huge'.
  11. My guess would be the tunnel is where the giant loop goes through...in, over, then back in...man, would it be EPIC!
  12. "...Big, Huge announcement....we're gonna go BIG!" ahhhhh, music to my ears...one more week, ladies and gents!
  13. Haha, great to see the MACK suggestion brought up again! Personally, in this order, I would like it to be Intamin (love the Full Throttle vers. 2.0 on YouTube!) or MACK (BlueFire, but on steroids!)
  14. ^ I didn't get the Full Throttle survey either...but something interesting was asked on this survey. They asked about an invitation to a '2013 Season Grand Opening Party'. Hmmm, I wonder what they meant by that?? I'm hoping 'Grand' has something to do with the record breaking coaster SFMM is getting...Aug. 30 is too far away, spill the beans already, SixFlags! lol!
  15. Yes, I got the Six Flags Loyalty Program Survey (in the words of Tmcdllr, a food survey ) ....darn, I was hoping something related to the 2013 coaster!
  16. Hmmm, I hope this hasn't been mentioned already...but I think MACK Rides could be a possible contender along side Premier Rides or Intamin for the new 2013 coaster. Their new coaster Manta at Sea World San Diego looks like something SFMM would put up in the Log Jammer area. They also built Blue Fire in Europa Park. Now Blue Fire combined with Manta would be something I could really see, but of course at a MUCH larger scale! The tunnel, loop, dual launches, the terrain hugging quick turn maneuvers, use of space....the fact MACK Rides was in San Diego,CA, not far from Valencia, CA, just made me wonder.......
  17. Spot on dude! I would also like to add I've been to SFMM those past couple of years and seen the improvements. DC Universe is great example of an awesome transformation, this area looks great! I get this feeling people who are so critical are those who go to parks by themselves or with debbie downers, haha! I always go with people who are high energy. By that, I mean folks who I know can bear the long waits in line, get pumped up once we finally get to the ride, and then just go loco once we're on it. Some of the best moments in life are sharing laughter and jokes with friends/relatives and/or seeing their faces freak out, cry, scream, get sick....this is what makes me come back to SFMM at least once a year. I can't wait to go back for FrightFest and ride the new Lex Luthor at night! So it looks like Aug 30 may be the announcement for the 2013 coaster?...gotta mark the calendar!!
  18. +1 Now lets move on and look out for the announcement of the 2013 coaster!
  19. Yes. Those supports match exactly with the portable model. The park model uses a different support structure. Here's the thing...I get WHY Six Flags would do it. It's cheap. It's easy. It's money. Fine. But don't we expect more from the park? We complain about tacky train wraps, things looking like crap, poor customer service, etc., etc. Adding a carnival ride that can literally be found at the LA, SD, and OC fairs (for like $40 a ride...hope SFMM doesn't price it that high) falls right in line with all the tacky/cheap/easy way out things SFMM does that this thread is filled with complaints about. It's just more proof that the park is headed back to the "old" SFMM. Sorry Jew, I have to disagree. Enthusiasts are the complainers...nothing will never satisfy them. Expect more??? The park is home to 17 world class roller coasters and ANOTHER world class record breaking coaster is coming in 2013! They've just opened a highly successful world class record breaking drop ride for 2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3euynos0hW8 and imo, the park is looking great! This new SlingShot ride replaces the defunct ThrillShot, no big deal...no grand opening. Other parks (GP) with far less world class roller coasters would look at this thread SMH.......Complaining,really?
  20. I like the idea too for the SlingShot. It fits the 'Thrill Capital" theme of SFMM well. I believe this will be placed in the Deja Vu area, the space is just large enough. Also, with the those extra purple beams (I count 6 per side, if you divide the colors), maybe this could be the tallest SlingShot? They do look new and wouldn't be surprised if they were specially made for SFMM...GO BIG!!
  21. I find it hard to visualize the 'new' coaster would 'wrap up and above the sky tower' because it would smack right into Tatsu. This is the 2nd rumor I heard of a Kingda Ka type coaster for 2013. If so, along with the record breaking loop and length....please add at least 2 giant airtime hills.
  22. Yes! Awesome! This is gonna be a very exciting thread to watch. Interesting to know how these supports have appeared now that Lex Luthor is up and running. Albeit, very early already. All eyes on this. Could it be for 'Full Throttle'? or some flat ride? or a ride in Deja Vu's former spot? Only time will tell when we start seeing more supports, hopefully some REALLY BIG ones, And of course, the official announcement from Six Flags. Thanks to all you guys for keeping us SFMM coaster fanatics on top!
  23. "And that’s when the shaking starts. The gondola seats rumble violently as the coaster climbs the track, causing the tower sways up to four feet. It feels like an earthquake in a skyscraper - only you’re strapped to the outside of the building." - By Brady MacDonald, Los Angeles Times staff writer Oh hell yeah! This alone makes up for any height numbers. Can't wait to ride!
  24. Nah..SFDK's Superman: UF would sit perfectly in place of the former Deja Vu site...2014? The old Log Jammer site will fit a much larger spread out coaster involving a tunnel and the terrain. I see 'Full Throttle' be more of a Maverick or Intimidator 305. The rumors of it being a very long coaster, dual launch and having the highest loop will probably make it the most anticipated coaster for 2013! Go BIG!!!
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