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  1. Anyone know why they might be using the Disneyland version? Surely if the Japan version is better it would make more sense to use that system? If they are investing so much into the park surely the more advanced system would be a better choice?
  2. I was expecting there to be a greater discount if you purchased a 2 day ticket. 5% isn't really that much.
  3. The website is now listing ticket prices. They go on sale 28th March. https://www.shanghaidisneyresort.com/en/ticket/ Adult (above 1.4M & under 65 years old) tickets are either priced at ¥370 (Approx $65) or ¥499 (Approx $76) depending on weather you visit during regular or Peak periods. Grand opening tickets (June 16 - 30) are priced at ¥499. Peak periods cover: Designated holidays Weekends Summer Holidays (July - August) Children (1M -1.4M), seniors (65+), and the disabled receive 25% off. Two-day park tickets receive 5% off
  4. Their promotional song for it featured in the add by You Me At Six is currently 16 in UK iTunes store, im a little surprised by that. I do really like the add to be fair.
  5. That is a definite no for the Swarm, the restraint is quite tight, there were a lot of people complaining when Raptor opened that they couldn't fit, so That one is out I'm afraid, Nemesis does have larger seats available as previously mentioned, as for Stealth/Collosus, best bet is to try the test seat first.... Yeah i saw numerous people having to leave the swarm ride on opening day as they couldn't get the restraints down. The staff were trying very hard to squeeze them in!
  6. Glad I went on Thursday, hadn't seen Thorpe that quiet at all last season. Should be an interesting year for Thorpe.
  7. This should be interesting! It's not a POV just me filiming it on the bridge
  8. Thank you. They wanted to re-brand it due to the death of the 16 year old girl back in 2004.
  9. Okawood opened its doors for the first time this season on Saturday, as we couldnt make it we decided to go on Sunday instead. It was a very pleasent day, Andy and I were shocked that it managed to stay hot and sunny ALL day. Ohhh Ahhhh, its very green. They even have flags. Welcome to Oakwood Woooooo photo op Andy prefered this to Speed Even their train is green. Yay, Candy! and it's pink GIANT lolly! Yay, bobsleigh Oooohhhhh look at the lift hill. Station We managed to go down without using the break. Next was Megafobia. I can seeeee you.. Andy flew to get this picture. The drop From the lake Isn't she sexy? Oooohhhh bendy What a lift hill Have I mentioned just how much I love Megafobia? On our way up. This picture makes Megafobia look so small, It feels like it's much bigger when you're on it. Bounce time! and look its STILL sunny! My favourite picture of the day. oooohhh They also have a Bounce carved from a tree. Vertigo, we didn't go on this time. Its an extra £33 for a flight on top of the £20 park entrance. Woooooooooosh! It was time for me to eat. Ggggrrr Andy had some fries. I found a giant tyer. It was an awesome seat. Ooooohhhh a giant wooden mushroom. The town hall was empty :o Huh? Lost kingdom? Where? Was a good job the park was empty. They even have a jail. This is just like my house. Spooky 3D had the longest queue. I am so cool Looooooser Treetops is always fun, although it does run on a rotation as do other rides, due to the fact the park isnt busy enough. Treeeeees Yay The boats were pretty gross. The boats were broke so we got wet asses Hahahahaha Time for speed Look at that sun! Loopy Its very rough. This fence is totally awesome! Hydro was re-named Drenched this season, it opened at 2pm, Its now yellow. They also added water cannons, they are £1 a go. Down they go! I got "Drenched" Andy likes being wet SPLASH! They still have the old Hydro building and Hydro posters everywhere that they havent changed yet. What goes up.... Must come down As you can guess, you get pretty wet Andy found a dead person, apparently an acer was locked in the park over the winter and they ran out of food. Go figure They were living in the changing rooms and made quite a mess. Waterfall was closed for some reason. We then had to leave as the park was closing
  10. Thats amazing! I liked it on Facebook. I think your going to win
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