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  1. A rumor from Screamscape says that the might be a kids themed area in 2008 called Kilimanjaro might be added to were the Python is.


    It also said that the local news heard that the park tried demolition permits for the coaster and ViVi Resturant, but the city wants a more detailed plan so there is a chance of the Python being saved, but I'm not betting on it.


    ...but we already have a picture of it being removed.

  2. I think it's situational. Other people have reported being harassed for taking pictures of just about anything in the park. Obviously it's not *really* prohibited or they wouldn't sell cameras in the park.


    Just one of those annoying things about this place... but that discussion is for another thread.


    The design of El Toro rocks, pictures or no pictures.


    Wow, when I was taking pictures inside the station of El Toro, they never said anything to me, even the Ride Operator asked me where I got my camera from.

  3. A couple things...


    "One parent wrote him a letter detailing a visit marked by long lines, closed rides, rude employees, rowdy teens yelling racial slurs and a couple having sex on the Ferris wheel. Shapiro declined to identify the park.'


    I've got a $1000 riding on Great Adventure!


    "Based on what Cedar Fair paid for Paramount Parks, Magic Mountain alone could sell for more than $500 million, Speigel estimated."




    I was just there yesterday, everyone was friendly, the lines werent that long since the DJ made it fun, teens were having fun, I dont see how it could be SFGADV.

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