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  1. ^ Sounds kinda like when Dragster first opened, when it would rollback they'd be all "OMG ROLLBACK SHUT IT DOWN AND INSPECT" and now they're just kinda like "meh..." and have it back up within a couple minutes.


    I would have thought they already knew that these kind of coaster would have a rollbacks. TTD is only the second rocket coaster at that time, so that could be an excuse for them to be shocked. There is no need to be shocked over a rollback, I mean obviously they knew it was coming....

  2. I went to Thorpe on the 31st of March, first time I have been and once in there i then discovered stealth was down, collosus was down, slammer was down and tidel wave also, not that i wanted to get wet but this this not really make this a good trip - I know they cant open them if there is a H+S risk but 3 major rides out of operation and within the first 2 weeks of opening??? Not good!


    Got a refund though - not really the point as it cost me £60 to get there!


    They did say it will be down during that time...

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