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  1. ^No. Why would they? The majority of their slides are OLDER than Kings Island's waterpark as a whole. Besides, none of their slides was something to write home about...The Beach was like a water park "fair".
  2. While the company may soon be under, the product of little frozen ice cream balls won't. There are many companies who replicate the same exact product with no difference in taste are style such as "Molliecoolz" and "Mini Melts". Dippin' Dots were never secretive on how they made their ice cream. Even some Amusement parks use the other brands of Beaded Ice Cream. Take Holiday World for example...They cut out the Dippin' Dots brand in 20010, for the Mini Melts brand.
  3. Guys, leave the girl alone. Yes what she said was wrong about the ride in general but what she saw had to be dramatic. Think about it....You're riding a roller coaster and all of a sudden you see a man fly off and die. It's something that you will NEVER get over, and hell I would never step foot inside of a roller coaster station again. It's still a trumatic time for those who saw the incident,of course nobody is going to get off and say; "Yeah I just saw a man fly off the ride at 70mph, but it's totally safe." Obviously the ride wasn't safe. Because, someone let him on....
  4. You only need one arm to ride Ride of Steel, as long as you can use the other one.
  5. How about the Euro flighter that was planned for Kings Island in 2005, but was scraped for Italian Job?
  6. This is operator error, no matter how you look at it. Not only is it Dariens Lake policy to reject an anyone with amputations on the legs, but it's also Intamins. The operators should have been trained over these guidelines and been tested later. Yes, the man is also at fault for not knowing these policies but operators are there to catch things out of place/ wrong and the operators weren't doing their jobs correctly. It should have been obvious to them that when you have both legs amputated, one being at the hip and the other above the knee, that a LAP bar cannot properly secure someone going 70mph (Especially when that person has no lap.) I know it's still too early to blame anyone, but right now the op's look to be the blame and DL will pay dearly for this. What a tragic event.
  7. The thing about Holiday World is, I will be willing to bet they won't let Voyage slip. Large companies such as Six Flags and Cedar would trim the ride like crazy (as you stated) but Holiday World won't. They will do everything to keep Voyage as one of the best in the world and it's good they've been trying to fix some problems. But right now, I'd take Beast over Voyage any day. It's okay though, I still LOVE Holiday World.
  8. ^Glad someone agrees with me on that one. Voyage is by far my least favorite coaster at Holiday World, it's only good in the very front row...even then it's still brutal. It's indeed sad, I remember riding it in 2006 and it was the most incredible wooden coaster Iv'e ever been on, it's now out of my top 25. Legend and Raven are 3586969x better coasters.
  9. It looks amazing! GCI looks like the hit the head on the nail with this one! Amazing!
  10. Thank you guys! I got the watermark from a friend. He also helped me take better photo then when I first started. The watermark looks very nice I agree! I took so many pictures this summer, about 10,000 of just Kings Island (400-700 a trip). With taking so many pictures comes a lot of pictures that are "different". Sometimes I spent full days JUST taking pictures, maybe riding 2-3 rides. I try to look for different angles that can make a picture great, mostly off luck. I can post more if you want them!
  11. Thanks everyone for the comments! It means a ton! To the poster regarding Vortex's transition in the Batwing. It verys depending on hall tall you are really. But its the roughest part of the ride.
  12. Heading down the 230 foot tall lift! Major airtime flying over the midway! Seriously, Diamondback is great! Perfect fit for a park that needed a large airtime filled coaster. Kings Islands Royal Fountains and Eiffel Tower. I was privileged with a little backstage time with The Beast this season. I got some great pictures! Straight away into the second lift. I adore The Beast...I still rate it as my number 1 wooden coaster. The final helix in my opinion can't be matched, it's amazing! You feel so out of control. Viking Fury is often overlooked but is a very good pirate ship that sores right over a lake!] The Royal Fountains are a staple at Kings Island! Diamondback's sign and lift hill. Kids having a blast on Zeypher, imagine this at 301 feet! Vortex heading into the "Batwing" element. Delirium flying high. The Racer doing what they do best, racing. This is my favorite shot of the year! Drop Tower at night. 3 rides in the same shot credit? Got it. Viking Fury, this is also one of my better shot. I like the bird in the upper left. Flight Deck is short but sweet, another ride I could ride over and over. That kid is having a good time, I can tell. Can you? Vortex takes the corkscrews very slowly. You literally hang on the OTSR's. It's really fun! Lots of airtime action going on! I hope you had a good time take a look! Comments would be great! Thank you!
  13. So, it's the middle of the offseason and what I like to do to cure off some of the blues is to look back at photographs from the past coaster season. These pictures were all taken at my home park Kings Island...I hope you enjoy them! Diamondback at night. Kings Island has great live shows, this one being "Motown" The newly named "Woodstock Express" received a much needed paint job just last season and is still a terrific woodie for all ages. Deliruim is still one of my favorite flats around! Diamondback up close, notice the riders expressions...you will see a lot more in a bit. Terrific ride! In July Kings Island had a "Chuck Your Duck" event, where you payed 5 bucks to basically throw a duck into the Royal Fountains...At the end of the 2 week long fundraiser for Breast Cancer awareness, Mike Brown of the Cincinnati Bengals picked a duck at random. The duck chosen won a car. Invertigo, Age hasn't really treated this ride well. It needs paint and is substantially rougher then when it first opened. Riders on Delirium, doin their thing. Love this shot of International Street at night. Vortex is always a fun coaster, I never have found it very rough..although many do. One of the more classic Arrow coasters. One of The Beast trains heading back to the station after an incredible ride. The Racer, and amazing and historic ride that I could ride over and over. Congo Falls located in the "Action Zone" themed are is seemingly out of place. It's a good little chute ride that gives a great pop of airtime from the double down and leaves you soaking wet. Diamondback in the splashdown...and a flower. Yeah. Lights on a tree from "Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular" which was a new thing this year for Kings Island, it looked great. Lots more in a second!!
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