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  1. Jack-Wabbit - I mean Rabbit, is the oldest coaster I have been able to ride (so far). Like Thunderbolt. I love how the ride just gets "started" right away. The "surprise" air-time hill toward the end got me laughing pretty hard. I just wish this had the old-school seats; no divider and no belts.



    Jack rabbit doesn't have dividers... In fact, it only really has a seat belt. It doesn't even have bars that come down. I mean, its got the one that's fixed there, but that's only to grab on to. So this already kinda has the old school seats...

  2. For me I still pick Montu. Granted, I only was able to ride Banshee once when I went, but I feel Montu just provides a more exciting ride. That being said, I pick Banshee over Raptor or Alpengiest. It really is much more forceful that I expected it to be. I came off with that tingly feeling in your legs when too much blood is pulled there. It was really great. It doesn't matter that the inversions were more floaty, because it was backed by some serious force. Plus the floaty movements in the transitions seemed cool in a different way.

  3. If you're gonna go to both Cedar Point and Hershey park and you have an extra day, I'd have to say do go with Kennywood. It may not be as big of a park as CP or Hershey, but there are some real great classic rides like the turtle, auto race, and jackrabbit, and they also have the Phantom's Revenge, which is a pretty great ride. Of course I am biased as it's my home park, but still... If you don't have an extra day then forget it.

  4. I personally think you should consider going to more of the non-corporate theme parks. It's not that I don't have too much of a problem with the big names like six flags, its just that I feel you will get a more well rounded idea about parks in the U.S. if you do. But I know how tough it can be narrowing stuff down. I'm sure regardless you'll have an amazing time.

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