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  1. I was just at the zoo last week. It's scary to see a local thing around me get so big. The exhibit is very safe looking. There are 3 open air "windows" to look at the painted dogs with. The two on the sides have wire mesh on them and the one in the middle has no wire mesh but it still seems very safe. There is a sign saying that there shouldn't be children or whatnot sitting or leaning over the fence and there is a catch net below it. Sadly there was a mother who was stupid enough to ignore the signs and give her toddler a better view. Some are saying that the toddler died when it hit the ground and not when it was eaten. I sure hope so for that sake. I hope they don't get rid of the African painted dogs. They are so beautiful. One sad dog had to be shot! This is an endangered animal!!! The place where she lived was in a "good" neighborhood where the parents are usually very protective. According to the news a friend of hers said that she was usually a very protective and great mother who just wasn't thinking. She very well may have been protective and a good mother up until that moment. She did one stupid thing though that she will have to live with for the rest of her life. And it really is solely her fault and not the dogs nor the zoo's. Also according to the news the mom is in a psychiatric ward of her hospital and is in extreme depression and shock. So sad that this had to happen to the zoo and to her and the toddler. So sad.

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