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  1. If I remember, those rides were purchased pre-Six Flags around 1997 or 98. I havn't ridden a starflyer yet so I will reserve judgment on if I think this is a good addition yet. Let me say that I was hoping for something better. The rides there are starting to get a little stale and out dated, almost to the point that they aren't much fun anymore. Medusa, Roar, Tony Hawk, and Boomerang are still good, but the rest of the lineup is not. Kong is horrible, V2 is now a joke, VooDoo runs a program that my 8 year old thought was boring, Hamerhead is always broken, and the 3D theater has been shuttered for over 3 years. I have been a season pass holder for the last 3 years and it feels like every year the park stays the same. I hope there will be some other monetary investments going into this park to make it worthy of another investment of my money, like maybe the new restraint trains for Boomerang. The only thing to look forward to next year at the park will be Bay Area Bash.
  2. I Must clarify, This is not something that is available to the public or even something you can win. This happened because Bay Area Bash happened (thanks TPR!). While heading back to Tony Hawk for the challenge we stopped Lee and asked if he needed help with the baby tigers, almost as a joke. To our surprise he was cool with it, but just not on that day cause it was getting late. After a few weeks of emails and getting times situated, we're both very busy people, we finally got our times situated and made it happen. We were very lucky to get to do this, those cats are not going to be small for long. They grow almost a pound a day right now and it will not be long before they will be just too risky for untrained people like myself to be around them. I really owe this all to Lee and I can't thank him enough. If you are not friends with him on Facebook I recommend doing it now. Cat in my Lap
  3. A few weeks back during the Bay Area Bash, My friend and I struck up a conversation with Captain Lee about how cool it would be to play around with the animals. Being the cool guy he is, he gave us his contact information and told us to let him know when we would be back. After a few exchanges of emails we set today as the day we would head down to the park to meet up with him. We arrived at the park around 11 and met up with the Cap'n at the Tiger exhibit. Little did we know or expect that we would have the best day at the park ever! Captain Lee set us up with VIP seats for the Killer Whale show, right on the front stage no less than 5 feet from the whales! After the show came the best part of the day, Exclusive Tiger Time with the parks newest additions Mischa and Maksim. We were escorted to the nursery and spent almost an hour just interacting and playing with the two cutest tiger cubs. I want to thank Captain Lee for letting us have this amazing experience! Discovery Kingdom continues to get better and better thanks to people like Lee and his efforts, I look forward to going back. On to the pics: Getting ready for the Shouka show poolside. We could almost touch them. This is Merlin, he and Shouka are BFF DK is famous for their Diving Cats. These are some big cats, we need something more "our size" This is Mischa, she decided to use my foot as a pillow. Yeah, I can say I held a Tiger. The girls. She actually broke skin on Cap'n Lee, purely on accident though. They don't know their own strength yet. She gave me a little scratch, but i'm OK. Besides when people ask I can just say "it was that darn tiger", that's awesome! Lee explained the vocalizations the cats would make and how we could "talk" back to them. Big cats cannot pur but they can roar, small cats can pur but not roar. Learning is fun. This is Maksim. At almost three months his paw was almost as big as my hand. Just like a future ACE members, Mischa spotted the food and was done playing. Alright guys, back to bed. Captain Lee gets to take these guys home at night, he doesn't recommend it for people not named Captain. Not to leave out the coasters...Kong though Medusa's lift and the trees. That is all.
  4. Order is in. Question, are the vidoes in 1080 or just 720? Thank god for HD and that our technology doesn't cover smell o vision, i shudder to think of a TPR "Coasters and Smells" video.
  5. If this will allow this site to continue to grow then I like the idea. The 15 credit is nice but as others have said, maybe a premium member hoodie would be better instead of 15$. I don't think I would get much use out of the trip side of things but just knowing what is coming ahead of time is great. I also like the idea of a news letter or possibly a special E-magazine linked to in the premium forum would be fun.
  6. What an amazing time!! I have made 7 trips this summer to DK, but this one was the best! Amazing "child stalking" tigers, "minimal" ERT on Medusa, show stealing otters, Park mascots shoving mayo packets down their gullets, frankfurters for Mike, learning that camels paint with their toes, and (the best part) turning Tony Hawk into a water ride! Riding Tony Hawk will never be the same without a cup in my hand. Thank you so much to TPR and the Discovery Kingdom management for an amazing time! Dolphins rock! Rob is pretending that there is water in that cup, but its really all over the guys across from him. Cups of water + random direction changes = wetness and fun!
  7. I totally understand. It's actually a really good deal, I cannot wait for this event! Do you know what animals the park is going to let us visit?
  8. Im in. funny I was gonna ask at the Terminator event if you guys were gonna do anything up my way with SFDK. My unasked prayer has been answered. Kinda sucks that I bought a season pass but I'm still paying to get in.
  9. Tom," Let's go to asian reporter Tricia Takanawa who is standing outside the new builtmore hote." Tricia"Tom I'm standing outside the new Builtmore hotel because Asains aren't allowed inside...." Tom "Diane is Tricia chinese or Japanese?" Diane "she is Japanese tom." Tom " WOW, I know a japanese woman." Guy talking to another guy while being attacked by mutant Stewirs after destroying all the guns in the city, "Hey ted, remember the other day when you asked me what the definition of Irony was....." Lois, "To think of all the food we have wasted over the years." Cut to Peter trying to feed Magnum PI on TV "Here you go Tom. No, None for you Higgins you already had yours!" Lois, "Peter you just ate 10 years worth of food storage!" Peter,"Then why do I still feel hungry? *drinks glass of water and expands* "Everyone leave, I have to poop...... NOW!!!"
  10. I just saw a great one. It's for Lunestra, which is a sleeping drug. In the fast talk disclaimers at the end there is a line that goes something like" make sure you have 8 hours to devote to sleep when takeing Lunestra", maybe it's just me but perhaps I'm tired because I DON"T HAVE 8 HOURS to devote to sleeping. For GODS sake I have 2 kids!, they decide my sleeping time. Also, when the butterfly flies in front of the sleeping ladys eyes, it looks very demonic. Others that bother me are the wonderfull computer generated goblins that have a thing for ripping your toe nail back so the can jump under the nail bed and have a party. Does anyone else get the willies when the toe nail pops up? eeeewww! Follow that up with the hermaphrodite closeing the medicine cabinate at the end. I know there budget couldn't have been to large in the computer anime department but come on, do they not know how to give someone female qualities! The Herpes one is classic, I guess the thing that gets me on that one is them saying "you would never guess this woman has Genital Herpes", well maybe the last guy she was with didn't guess that either and now what?! He needs it too! Maybe they can hook her up with the guy who has the erection that lasts for 4 hours (I fail to see how that is a problem ) Orbitz Gum, can I be the first to question the authenticity of the smilling chick in those ads. Your a british woman with perfect white teeth?, rrriigghhht!!! I hate any comercial that feels the need to show a bare babies ass on screen. Like diaper comercials, they show the little dimples running around sans dipie, yeah try showing that after it's done with a diper ,wouldn't be so cute then would it? Women, do you really need vibrating shavers? The comercial seems awfully suggestive, I can see it now, "And when your done with the shaving end just turn it around.....", M M M Good Vibrations!
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