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  1. There's some nice new footage of Maverick here, with some great arial video too! HERE!!
  2. BIG trouble in little Utah... Sections of Wicked have been removed due to some sort of welding problem. Tests are currently underway. Lagoon is Fun has more info
  3. wow... I'm a little surprised by the reaction this coaster is getting here. I knew it was an enormous step for Lagoon, one that I've been hoping for for a very long time! I just had no idea that non-locals would even care.
  4. I've got a trip planned Dec, 16-22'ish. My in-laws are taking my wife, son, and I to celebrate me receiving my 1st college degree. My son will be a few weeks away from his 2nd birthday, so it should be fun watching him experience the Disney Magic for the first time!
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