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  1. Tokyo Disney Sea was totally the best park of the trip and their version off Tower was amazing. Photos and video don't do either justice. Harrison Hightower is the coolest evil white guy ever. One of my favorite things were the pictures in the hotel lobby they showed Hightower stealing all the great treasures of the world. In every one he was being chased by angry natives and in one case wolves.


    Check out http://www.tot1899.com/english/ for the answers to all your questions about Harrison Hightower. Warning it will spoil the ride!!!!


    I can hardly wait the next Disney update

  2. I try to keep an approximate count but don't know my exact count. Often especially on TPR trip were the credits really rack up fast all the rides just kind of blur together. For example I know I hit 100 on the TPR Japan trip but I don't know exactly what ride it was. I think it was the little coaster at Wonder Rakutenchi but it could have been the roller skater at Harmonyland or one of the rides at Kijima but it was definitely that day.

  3. I agree with everything that's been said about Fuji Q. I was for me this was most disappointing park of the trip. For two weeks we had seen just how efficient Japan was how well places like Disney and Universal handle large crowds. Now we come to Fuji Q and we get one, two even three hour waits!!. Even the two non coaster attractions I wanted to do(Haunted Hospital and the Gundam walk though) had nearly 2 hour waits and I had skip them. This was the only park on the trip I didn't get to do everything I wanted to do. Not mention it wasn't even a very nice park it was one of the most ghetto of the ghetto parks we went too. The only good thing from that day was the cool Gundam shirt I bought. Oh yea I found a frozen fly in my ice cream too .


    Fuji Q sucks!!!

  4. Robb, please don't forget that 5pm PST is 1am in the UK/Ireland and worse on the continent - in other words, not a runner on a work night. I'll be there in spirit though




    Damn, looks like I won't be in the chat either then.


    Mike, Noxegon Robb will almost definitely post a transcript for those of us who will not be able to make the chat.


    Also, putting back the deadline sucks, because now they'll be even less chance of me going on the trip, and now I'll be getting more anxious.


    Don't worry Mike at worst you'll be on the waiting list. There always people who drop out so there's a good chance you'll still get on the Trip. Robb and Elissa hate turning people away. They always work very hard to make sure that everyone who wants to go on a TPR trip gets on one.

  5. Thanks for all the kind words Bill it was great spending time with you too. The same goes for Mark, Adam, Tom, Chuck(Great Picture) Brian, Rich and of course my roommate Barry and everyone else too. And I especially want to thank Miles , Shane and Steve to you guys are the best I had an amazing time with you. As for Europe until just today I thought I would do China. But now the more I think about it most of my friends are going to Europe so yes I'm doing Europe next year.



  6. Think the sticky's should stay where they are. I think I might forget about the sticky board after a while. I also agree with Robb that we don't need so many sticky's. When I first come on the random board all I see are sticky's. Let some of them go. If its a good topic it will stay alive.

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