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  1. Mine dates back to the mid 90's the FX network had just gone the air. They had a morning show that included a stupid puppet named Bob. When I got my first internet account I needed something original bobthepuppet sounded good. Unfortunately it was was long a name. So I shortened it to bobpuppet and have been using that in various forms ever since.


    Pete(the puppet)

  2. The first thing I check is super uber secret board that I cant talk about. Then Donkey board lately starting with the Florida thread. Then I check the random and Ask Alvey boards. Then I'll check to see if there's any new updates on the main page. Sometimes when I have nothing to do Ill look at some of the older TRs and park pics. I tend to often go back and reread the the Japan stuff. Japan just looks like so much fun.


    Pete(Boston Guy)

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