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  1. Thanks for the replies - I guess the board just has a collective hard-on for the park that I just don't get (I started visiting there in the mid 80's, so I think experienced at least a portion of the "golden era" that so many seem to wax nostalgic about). It's a different park now, and it's had it's issues/missteps along the way, but it's still a cool park and their collection of coasters (and I know that HAS come at the cost of other things a park of it's size/attendance/location should be delivering) is solid and the sheer number make it a place that most casual coaster fans/enthusiasts "need" to visit. I know there's a lot of history and backstory that I'm probably unaware of, but the continued word filter for the name of their latest rollercoaster is one of the other things that continue to confuse me (along with the continued bashing). Admittedly it's (at least) a decent or surprisingly good ride - while I get the joke, it seems a bit insulting to continue to not be able to actually type the name....annnnnnnnnnd, I guess, that's the point (always nice when your own question as you type a post ). Anyway, I honestly appreciate the replies and have probably pushed this discussion as far as it can go. I'd be interested, if anyone happens to head out, to see a recent photo trip report - I've seen that the new kiddie coaster is finally coming along.
  2. Seems strange to not remove the webcam from the Goliath page if it has, indeed, been taken offline permanently....although, I guess, maybe they're leaving it there so people can sift through the archived time lapse stills (assuming you can still do that)? They squeezed in an incredible amount of action into a relatively small footprint.....I'm sure you'll hardly be able to catch your breath, but it sure would be nice to have some more ride time (especially for the first year or three when wait times are sure to be insane.
  3. This has to get old for you, right? At some point don't you tire of coming in this thread and crapping on whatever the latest news might be? I know you're a moderator here, and you have a history with the park, but I just don't see the point of the incessant negativity. Colossus is almost universally maligned by enthusiasts, at least, and the park is clearly going to now do something about it -- I know the ongoing meme here is "better than nothing", but even if there are the "predictable" issues with operations etc....isn't it good that they're doing something about an aging ride that is oft times criticized? Just my 2 cents...............and I am excited about the upcoming reveal on Colossus, and whatever it is will get me (and I'm guessing, you) back to the park.
  4. What happened to the usual crew of folks that would post Photo TRs for CGA? This thread is bizarrely quiet...
  5. Man, that first run has to be incredibly gratifying for the construction crew still there...right? I assume the group photo the other day was right before some of the guys headed back west, I just wonder how many will still be around when they start putting people on those trains. Seeing that stall in action really does make you realize JUST how insane this coaster is (seeing it in the animation is one thing, real life??!? WOW!)
  6. Yup, I personally dislike getting wet (which is why I never liked Perilous Plunge), I don't mind log flumes but rapids rides forget it.The one at California Adventure is the worst, getting drenched in all that dirty A$$ water brings my germ phobia to the red zone The water on water rides is probably cleaner than your tap water. All the water in water rides are constantly recirculated through filtration and chemicals. I think you forgot a smilie? You can't be serious, right? On topic, after the Knott's family sold the park - did any of the family stay on as employees? I thought I had heard/read something about somebody sticking around, but I can't remember who/when/where (or even if I am recalling correctly).
  7. It's the Patron Saint Of Positivity, prozach! Anyway, the only strange part to me is how bold the GM of the park was being when questioned (as recently as a week or so ago) about not being able to hit the deadline. I wonder if something fairly major went wrong, recently, or if he was just mistaken in being as reassuring as he was being? There are so many moving parts when it comes to any construction project - scheduling/setting goals is a very tough part of the job. I think many people like to simply state "hey, move the start date up a month or two" and consider that the answer --- I thought, over the years, that I've read that they stick pretty tight to their budgets/fiscal year release of funds etc. So if their accounting department doesn't have final budgets done, and monies for next year's expenditures, aren't completely solidified they're simply not going to "get started early". Seems easy enough. Anyway, seems like the PR end of it could have been a bit better -- but, what are you going to do? Seems like they had great intentions, and perhaps they could have been more realistic a couple weeks ago, but overall most here have seen the incredible progress made (and the insane hours worked) to get this thing done. Undoubtedly some of the scheduling and build time issues will iron themselves out as RMC continues to motor along. Here's a fun shot: back when they started building Z-Force (on this same plot of land), they had to move the train station to fit it in. Here's a pic (from greatamericaparks.com user tech services 1) showing parts of Z-Force on the ground, with the relocated train station in the back.
  8. Not to be a negative nellie, but if they're going to go through the trouble of even doing these videos - why not make them 3-4mins and show some actual footage of the ride/construction? It seems like they're more concerned about how to insert their social media icons than they are actually showing off the ride (and the progress being made). Again, just seems like a waste - all the quick cuts leave viewers having to pause and stare at a still (VS, let's say, showing them bolting in some track or installing a car on the train).
  9. The last time people came running to that corner was probably when Wolf first opened which has been almost 25 years. Here comes some track! At least I think it's track... For some reason I can't recall how bananas it was back there for Iron Wolf's early years (I remember the extended line, just saying I can't recall if it was a mad dash to get back there) ... but I do recall how bonkers it was for Z-Force.
  10. 'Twas a joke. I'm struck at how long it's been since that corner of the park would be the destination for those 'not running' at rope drop in the morning.
  11. That's idiotic. You miss 8 days of school so they punish you by making you miss more school? What's the point? Your supposed to get an education LOL, guess you missed a few days of school yourself, didya? Have we ever gotten an idea about where all these RMC workers live during construction jobs like this? Do they all stay at extended stay places? How much of the crew is actually from out west, and how many local workers are brought in? Just curious if we know. Looking great - really excited to see whatever lighting that put on this thing, too.
  12. Great update by B&MGuy35 over at sfgamworld.com: http://sfgamworld.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=14450&sid=90e5f6c6ad4439a1338c0480b99a5bae&start=1804 That lift is really incredible to look at - both the angle of the lift, then the insane drop. I hope LeShock or someone else does a followup interview with Hank and/or the construction foreman to see what obstacles they ran into, and what (if anything) they had to do on the fly to keep construction moving along.....just looking at all of that steel and wood, surely there had to be lots of little "oh crap" moments.
  13. Looks great! What is that piece hanging from the crane? Can anyone tell?
  14. Wow, looks like they have just a section or two of lift track left to complete the lift/drop track (obviously they still need to fill then finish the topper). Do we know about what kind of lighting they are putting on this thing, btw?
  15. Speaking of Batman, looks like he's doing a fly-by right now on Goliath.
  16. I didn't really understand how they would fill with grout....now, I guess I do.
  17. Has anyone ever figured out if the red/orange track is a Six Flags mandate...? I also wonder about the color of the lift - wouldn't it look cooler if it were brown? Clearly it doesn't really matter, but I'm wondering if there was a reason to go with black ... or did they choose that based on thinking it was the best color? I'm not nitpicking, so we don't need a redo of the "omG, youi're complaining about the sign...look at this coaster!!" pile on. I'm honestly just curious if anyone knows why they'd choose black for the lift, and they continue to go with the red/orange track. Also, has anyone does a photoshop of how tall they think the lift will actually look like (on the webcam image)? Also, it seems like the tallest part of the structure wasn't even part of the rendering, so it's looking quite a bit different).
  18. Really cool looking, those is some low cloud cover! Here's an updated shot with the one crane lifting up some of the red track...
  19. I guess I had never really thought about it before, but I didn't realize that Yankee Clipper was open already (it's early in the season, and the trough is always empty when I see pics of the webcam................but, not only is it open but (and this is the part I never thought about) obviously there is no water in the trough when the ride isn't running. Once I thought about it, it's painfully obvious why they wouldn't be running the pumps/keeping water in there...I just had never thought about it. Anyway, this picture shows a boat in the trough ALONG with people (just starting to arrive) in the Wilderness Theater (for a cheerleading thing) on Sunday.
  20. Great report, thanks. Though, I don't know if this was necessary.... I've seen plenty of trip reports, in my years reading this forum, where it's all TPR folks and folks of this body type/size certainly aren't limited to ACE (despite all of the jabs I see posted here). And no, I do not belong to ACE or any other coaster club - just an observation from an outsider that this photo/caption seemed a bit snarky. Pretty impressive crowds - guess they really did a good job getting the word out!
  21. Drove by the site yesterday - there was some zoning-type notice posted, and a few pieces of heavy equipment. Some of the land that borders the area is, "surprisingly", now for sale - I do wonder about the flood plain in the area (there's a small creek that runs along one side of it). Obviously the investors and the local MUD have a better idea than I do on that, though! I assume 59 will be the main drag to the place, but man do they need to start widening 242 ... two lane road as one of the two ways to the park = no bueno! The entire tract of land is trees, so here's to hoping that they do some take some care and don't just clear cut it.....they have a pretty unique opportunity here (considering it's 2014 and a giant market like Houston finds itself with no "major" amusement park).
  22. Here's a great picture I ran across over at SFGAmWorld - from member RobSFGAm SOURCE This really gives a great idea of the over size of the ride (from outside of the park).
  23. It did seem odd that only Astroworld, as far as I know, turned theirs around.....this concept (half and half) seems right up MM's alley. (courtesy of TPR member johnychen)
  24. I really wish the guy from the Banshee thread would come over here and do his OCD graphic update of the progress of construction! While I'm busy making requests, I'd also like an overlay of the layout on top of the most recent webcam image. Also, I've got this knot in my neck that I just can't.....ah, thanks. It really is stunning how giant this thing is - I can only imagine how massive it will look in person. I give the park a lot of credit for upgrading this corner of the park in this manner...INCREDIBLE!
  25. This thing is really shaping up - and I have to LOL at people wanting to call this a steel coaster because of the lift. I know it's a dumb discussion, but I simply don't know how you look at this monster and feel the need to worry about it having a steel lift hill.
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