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  1. I think this thread will never die... Very cheesy and um...out of this world...thats what they'll be like
  2. This would be very interesting to see him totally failing at checking seat...Well, not failing, but not not being very fast about it... I'll keep my eye out
  3. I LOL'd at your South Carolina sign pic.... Mark Sanford is still governor?
  4. Hey, I am now at my computer (not my phone) and am now using proper capitalization. Okay?
  5. at least i have connections and im not paying money in an auction
  6. i mean i see that, but ive always seen it just testing with dummies and media day pictures with the presidents and "bigger people" on the front end of the first ride
  7. i have a buddy who works at a newspaper and he is getting me into the Intimidator media day. today though, i went to do my season pass early and saw "associates" standing in line. i couldnt get ahold of my carowinds official friend dani so im turning to yall. does the real first ride with people on it happen on media day or do secret rides happen before that???
  8. Very dumb question, but is it just me, or does it look like you go out of the element backwards?
  9. Oh great, it looks like we get to have more randomly colored loop(s) to make fun of...ugh Cyclone makes me want to barf EVEN MORE now... They probably just wanted to get rid of the paint from BORG-Hawk
  10. Well, not how BAD as in bad ride....but bad as in "Jesus, God, oh I'm going to die....is this going to be too bad?"
  11. I first want to say that over the past year I have made great strides in becoming a coaster enthusiast. I rode my first 200+ roller coaster and have loved every ride on one since. I love the airtime and like to leave a click or so space just for that. However, when I made a huge trip with my parents to Ohio and visited Cedar Point, King's Island, Geauga (sp?) Lake I had to pass on Millennium Force and TTD, because honestly, while I am now greatly comfortable with HyperCoasters, I am still hesitant about the Gigacoaster. With a King's Dominion trip in my future and the hope of riding I:305, I wanted to know how bad the 300+ coasters REALLY are compared to ones like Diamondback or Apollo's Chariot. First time experience stories are great welcome.
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