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  1. That's exactly how stuff like this accident happens. Yes, they can possibly have lasted another couple months, but something also could have caused it to snap. Although that's not what I thought happened at KK, but it very well could have.
  2. Hey James, could you make me a Silver Dollar City one. I would like to have Wildfire, and Powder Keg surrounding the logo. thanks
  3. Those were some great pictures. When I went last summer, the first day Raptor ran pretty rough but the second day it ran smooth as can be. I guess it just depends what time of day, and temp. it is. Millenium Force was closed when we went, so I didn't get a chance to ride it.
  4. It was doing very well where it was. And now Tulsa is going to lose a lot of money from this. Now Sand Springs will have a good thing to do now.
  5. When I was visiting Cedar Point this weekend, we saw the track being put in a vacant lot outside the park. All we know about this coaster is that it has a Red track, and we *think* it will be a western themed, by the teasers around the park. Does anyone else know anything about this coaster?
  6. I and my German class are going to go to Cedar Point. I need to know which rides to avoid and which to ride.
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