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  1. 1974 Im sure by now, you have already read in the newspaper about "Possible new roller coaster for upcoming Vermont theme park" Well its true. I cannot release any more details, but i will show you an artist impression that was made for the newspaper
  2. 1974 Hello everybody! We are moving along slowly but oh-so surely in the construction! We still insisting on opening memorial day! We repainted Vermont Maple Train after Preview Day, I belive that this looks better than just plain black. Also we have a new ride in our lineup! The Red Baron is a swing ride that lifts you off the ground and spins giving riders the illusion of flying! We still have more to add to the park before it opens but, you will find out next update. Im positive youll like it!!
  3. 1973 Today's the day that we show the USA what we've done so far! this being one of the only amusement parks in vermont, we expected it to be crowded, we never expected this huge turnout!!!! The line for the Parachutes filled up rather quickly Children really loved the ferris wheel But Vermont Maple Train by far was the most popular ride!! All trains were full of screaming riders! Aside from that, I really loved seeing the Parachutes running The tower itself is rather massive Also, we can confirm Phase II of the construction It will be a large expansion, which will span to the edges of the fence. Construction will begin Immidatly tomorrow. I cannot release any details now, but I will tell you this. This view of the park will look drastically diffrent by the time it opens.
  4. It will be spaced out over time. This is supposed to be the "Courtyard" of rides
  5. 1973 Construction is still moving along here at Vermont Paradise were still looking at a spring '74 opening. But we will have a "Preview" day at the park very soon! Here is a Full-Scale Arial of the park Its tiny now but, That is DEFINITELY subject to change. Right now, we are conducting tests on our Roller Coaster, Vermont Maple Train! as you can see, we at the HappyFun Company are extremley concerned with how safe our rides are. See you soon!!!
  6. Paintballers right, actually I dont use any custom scenery, Im more of the "Use what you've got type of guy" However an exeption, You may see a bit of jcats steelworx here.
  7. In 1970 land was cleared at a local county park in vermont. There plan? to convert it into an amusement park for the RCT3 peeps who live in Vermont. The builder of the park was the HappyFun co. a small family owned company. in 1971 construction began. The year is now 1973, and here is the progress made! The guest-greeter of the park is the Parachute ride! The Twister thrill ride is completly overshadowed by Parachutes And whats a fun park with out a Ferris wheel? And a Carrousell! And the peice de resistance of the park is the Vermont Maple Train coaster built by Arrow Development/Dynamics. It is predicted that this will be a very popular attraction once this park opens, probaby next year. I hope you enjoy it!
  8. hello, this is fraroc. I come from Coastercrazy,Coasters2k, New Element, and coasterfuel!
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