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  1. The Veggie Tales quote made my day; quite possibly my week I must say, India really does look beautiful; those stone carvings are amazing!
  2. [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Brain_Surge_dqc7[/coastertube] Here's a video of Brain Surge; it's from March, but still, better late than never!
  3. 10/20... I blame it being late.... and my not so extensive knowledge of flat rides....
  4. Keep in mind that it IS a a first of it's kind, so it's bound to have some issues.
  5. It will ALWAYS be Ripsaw I went today to ride it. And, I must say... HOLY MOTHER OF COWS DRINKING SODA! It is by far one of the most intense, insanely awesome flats I've been on. It's almost as, if not more, intense than Zipper, minus the impending-death. Sure, the operations are rather poor (About a 20 minute wait for a half-full queue. Not terrible, but not the best, either), I blame that on manual foot restraints. However, it is worth every minute! Plus, it only takes... 4 seconds to go around the entire circle, which believe me, is INCREDIBLY fast. As for the individual spinning? You can get it going crazy evil fast. I recommend backwards spinning, it provides an incredibly unique, intense experience. Add the lateral forces from the high-speed spinning, and you have a winner! It is by far my favorite flat ever
  6. It looks a LOT bigger in real life. When I first saw the concept/prototype, I was kind of 'meh', but now that it's nearing completion, I must say, I am incredibly excited to try this new machine out! I went today and, while I was waiting to meet up with a friend, I ended up watching them work on it for about 45 minutes, and they got a LOT done in that time span. I got there around 10:20, and by the time I left (2:20 ish), they already had about 1/4 of the central panel coverings in place, and I must say, they look really sweet!
  7. The awesome fiberglass axe on the top of it was removed, and it was rethemed to Tak (Seriously, does anyone even know what that IS anymore...), but it wasn't removed, clearly
  8. I suddenly just got a LOT more excited for this ride And as far as capacity is concerned, Camp Snoopy (I will forever call it by it's true name.... I guess It'd be Knott's Camp Snoopy... ) is rarely populated, with walk-ons on virtually everything at any given time, so I'm not at all concerned about the lines once the initial "OOOHHH NEW!" wears off.
  9. I must say, I love how the people at NU keep adding rides! That was the only thing Camp Snoopy really lacked. However, I much preferred Camp Snoopy. It was a kajillion times greener, and it was actually landscaped better than a lot of outdoor parks. Now, it's just colored floors and cement... It's like they took Camp Snoopy, chew it up, then threw it back up all over the place Back to the new ride, I must say, I don't know if I'm excited or not. It doesn't look at all thrilling, but it does look like a TON of fun. I guess it's gonna be one of those things where you don't know until you ride. As far as PR goes, even though I live like, 5 minutes away, I often forget it exists....
  10. The first question was wrong.... Ozark Wildcat and Outlaw..... So, the given was 11/20.... but with the incorrect answer for the quiz in the first question.... I feel like I should get 12/20.... My God I feel like a nerd Oh wait, Ozark Wildcat is defunct.
  11. Hello to all! I am a long time 'lurker', and I have finally decided to join the boards. What was the cause of this? Was it dinner last night? Was it the fact that I almost died slipping on ice this morning? No. I joined in search for ADVENTURE! You see, the offseason has been very cruel to me. It just keeps dragging on. Currently, my life is dull. I've tried to spice it up; I'm even in my school's production of Beauty and the Beast. So far, it has been unsuccessful. That's when I decided that I needed that extra little help from a fantastic community like the one we all know as TPR! Okay, I'm done with the dramatic effects (Let's hope no one is allergic to cheese!), onto the more interesting stuff written in a more boring way. My home park is Valleyfair!, and I spend an unhealthy amount of time there. As in, at least 5 times a week. I can tell you just about anything about my park. Let's start off with a some little tidbits. Wild Thing and Excalibur both have a drop of 60os. Also, when Excalibur had opened, it opened with the world's steepest drop. However, it didn't receive very much attention for it, as Magnum XL 200 had opened the same year, only later, and it also had a 60o drop. Also, the person who holds the record for most rides on Excalibur? Me. I have ridden it 1,000 times + in the last 2 years alone. Why? I honestly have no clue, but it has helped me to meet a TON of people. Also, I must have either incredible ride endurance, or maybe just SLIGHTLY crazy... I've ridden Excalibur 6 hours straight, and at one point, I rode it 5 hours straight, in the rain. No clue why, but I felt accomplished I've only been on 48... I think.. coasters, and I am hoping to change that by participating in one of TPR's amazing trips, hopefully in 2011 My favorite wood coaster is Beast. I know the layout isn't spectacular by any means; lot's of straight sections. However, I just found it to be pure fun! My favorite steel coaster would probably be Maverick or Disaster Transport. Maverick is an amazing coaster on it's own. Disaster Transport was another one of those 'FUN!' coasters, proof you don't need speed or height, or even inversions, to be fun. Well, I think that's enough self-revealment for now. I hope to be more active on the forums, and just want to thank the Alveys for this great site!
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