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  1. I've been so busy with college and the holidays, I realize this is a bit late... but better late than never! My Halloween Bag-O-Crap from October! Thank you so much, TPR! Love you guys. -Ashley Halloween Bag-O-Crap!
  2. The view in these pictures is just beyond amazing! I'm pretty jealous of this trip..
  3. Alright, well... In the "PIERS DRUNK AT CARRABBAS VIDEO!!!!" He slaps a piece of pizza... No idea where to go with this.
  4. B-b-b-but... "TPR's Orlando Halloween Trip of Awesomeness by robbalvey ยป Mon Oct 10, 2011 11:23 pm Hey everyone! TPR is back in Orlando for some Halloween and October fun! It's great to be back as we skipped last year for an epic trip to the Wisconsin State Fair!" Maybe I'm slow.. But was there not a TPR Trip in Oct. 2010? Or is it the Wisconsin Trip?
  5. I'm just lurking like I always do at this point... but, YES!!!
  6. You should post more! I know, I would love to! I'm just always so busy with school. I can never find the time. I pretty much stalk you guys on Facebook though. I live vicariously through you guys and your posts.
  7. *Joins in on the adventure* Gosh, I haven't posted on here in forever.
  8. No, that just sounds like a bad idea. Lol. Are you excited for Friday? (Because, I am!)
  9. Yes. -I'm home sick and I've too much homework to finish. *sighs* Does 2 + yellow = monkey?
  10. Hehe. Thanks Robb! (: The backstory is amazing! I really can not wait. We're going Oct 2! (: I'm really excited for the passholders VIP thingy though! Chucky and Silver Screens done before 6? Sounds good to me!
  11. ^ The Saw house is the one I am most looking forward to! I'm such a huge nerd when it comes to those movies. I even have a Billy The Puppet mask.
  12. Its all good my friend. I'm just here trying to show my amazing experience to others. I happen to think its a really superb ride. So there may be a few glitches here and there, but, I'm just so happy it is now open.
  13. Sorry for causing such an uproar. I was told by the staff there that I could text my ride number to Universal (64646) and that I would be able to see my picture. That is exactly what I did. None the less, I took the pictures down and fixed my whole post. ...Better?
  14. So I went today, and it was amazing! Almost all ride lines were 5 minutes, hardly anyone there, it never rained, and I got to go on HRRR twice today! We got there right at 9 A.M., and, of course they were having "technical difficulties" and told us to check back later. We figured we might as well get some rides on the Mummy (twice) and M.I.B. (three times), both of which had 5 minutes almost all day. When we came back (around 11 A.M.) I guess it was still down, or maybe it broke down again (I'm not sure), but there was a huge line of people waiting to get on and we decided to wait. About half of them got mad and left, and it only took about 10 minutes for them to fix it. We got on, first row, in 15 minutes. It was amazing. I played Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. (: (We went over to I.O.A. for a little bit, then came back to Universal.) At 4 P.M. it was having technical difficulties again, and this time we waited an hour for it to be fixed; but, got on the ride, first row, in 15 minutes again. I played For Whom the Bell Tolls this time. (: And yes, you all are correct, there was no fast pass line, just regular and single ridders.
  15. wooohooo! i'm going to univeral and ioa tomorrow (no school!) hopefully there'll be no one there and i can get in a ride or two tomorrow for my first time. i'm deff gonna play harder, better, faster, stonger the first time and for whom the bell tolls the second time (if possible). i just hope it doesnt rain tomorrow. *knock on wood*
  16. well sorry. geez, i was just curious. no one said anything about you having to do updates. you dont have to get snippety. i was just asking.
  17. OMG. The new website looks amazing. Everything looks amazing. I can't wait. Sept 25th can not get here quick enough!! (:
  18. Mkay. I personally think Universal does an amazing job with the houses and the scare zones. I feel like they go all out and that it only gets better and better every year. Last year they incourpered smells, which was a really neat element and really helped to set the tone for each house. I think you'll really like em; most everyone does. Last year me and my best friend went opening day (6:30pm-12am), and I gotta say, it was the best time of my life. The longest line we had to wait in was 15 minutes for Dead Exposure. There were hardly any people, we got to do each house twice; all before midnight. Truly an amazing experience. And thats what me and her plan to do again this year. Although... don't let my good time fool you. Peak nights (normally Fridays, Saturdays, and actual Halloween day) get hellaaa crazy and waits for just one house can get up to 2.5 hours. You have plently of choices when it comes to buys tickets and which package (if any) works for you. Here is the link to buying tickets section. Click here! (: (I reconmend getting your tickets as soon as you know what you wanna do. They may sell out, so you might as well be on the safe side.) All the packages and what not are on the left sidebar, right under the HHN logo. And just for fun...any other general questions you might have can be found here FAQ's I really hope I helped you some! Please, feel free to ask any other questions!! -Ashley (:
  19. yahoo!! another update! SAVAGED- me thinks it is the wolfman!! (: i also noticed there to be a full moon in one of the pictures in the theater 'home page'. just saying. (:
  20. does anybody have any updates...? i havent been to ioa in about three weeks. anything new? no updates is killing me, lol.
  21. I was kinda hoping it would be bigger than this. It opens in a month and this is all we have..? lol.
  22. You should be excited!! They are so much fun! I always go opening night becuase I've found from my experience, that that's the best time to go. Do you have any questions about it?
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