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  1. the effects were not on because of filming i think. in am going again saturday so thats cool and i dont mind. http://www.itv.com/central-west/new-rollercoaster12493/ have you all seen this video? it is much betetr than the terrible gmtv one. the guy who says "ahh best ride here" THATS ME =D
  2. yeah, well said Robb. Lison guys seriously. Just get down to Alton Towers and ride it! Its great!
  3. I think all the negative comments are stupid. At the end of the day and I'm gonna have to sound like a dick here. You have not been on it. I HAVE and I AM TELLING YOU don't judge it by the videos, it really is great. If you are going to judge it without going on it then your a complete fool.
  4. I have just got home after winning bootcamp and being one of the first riders on Th13teen, It was amazing, really amazing!
  5. Congratulations Colin! It's great to see another member of TPR through to Boot Camp, good luck to you and I'm sure it's going to be an amazing experience! Thanks to everyone who either viewed, commented or liked my video! Thanks mwm1444, I am REALLY REALLY psyched!! =D
  6. I have really been looking into coming back to Magic Mountain after the West Coast trip. With some saving I would love to do it. It would be awesome to see you guys again!
  7. Thanks guys. KoolKid your reply makes sence while looking at the plans for this coaster. Thanks.
  8. Hello everyone, can anyone tell me what a switch back on a roller coaster is please? Thanks.
  9. Its no problem! Yeah you could say that, I just love the game and play it daily. If i'm not on RCT then i'm on No Limits. Theme parks, theme parks, theme parks. Nice to meet you to.
  10. I get asked at least once or twise a week. I'm am not the "Chris Sawyer" who created RCT, Sorry! It makes it difficult if people try to search google for my parks and they can never find it because it always comes up with the other "Chris Sawyer"... Again I'm not that "Chris Sawyer", hes my namesake.
  11. ^^^ Reminded me. I should add that I was the first person to officially recreate Alton Towers on RCT3 + I also beta tested RCT3 Wild! I figured with all you coaster fans you mind find that interesting. Edit: I'm currently working on Alton Towers 2009 (RCT2/RCT3) + Bonus park (RCT3).
  12. Heya! A BIG HELLO to all TPR members! I'm Chris & I live in the United Kingdom. My home park is Alton Towers, I've been on around 54 roller coasters. My favorite is Nemesis. I am attending the West Coast trip this year and it is just going to be a dream come true as the trip includes Six Flags Magic Mountain, a park I have wanted to visit the park since I fell head over heels for roller coasters. Thanks for reading and I hope to make some great new friends! PS.. BONUS HELIX!
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