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  1. btw, i asked about those and was told that the flame throwers are activated by the noise of the people in line. so, as goes the popularity of the ride (and/or the willingness of repeat riders to participate in the interactivity), so goes the fire display. I wonder if they can add a fallback mode like the attract mode of an arcade game that just fires them off every so often if nobody in line is participating.
  2. Arguments like "typical cedar fair crap" and "everything is an eyesore" are hilarious and give me no reason to think anything that guy says is serious or credible. We all have our favorite park, but it is pretty funny when some people get so personally attached that they cannot even comprehend a different park with a different market. Oh well. Anyone know what it means when a big white tent is set up in the preferred parking area? Is that a corporate event, or staging for something else? I couldn't get a good look.
  3. I will probably check out SFMM; I hope it is better than it was a few years ago when half the rides were always closed (as were half the concession stands). But that is 300 miles away, so I'll stay on topic and continue to look at CGA. Unfortunately for Cedar Fair haters, evidence that Cedar Fair is going to make CGA worse is in short supply. Besides that nice list a couple pages back, ride intervals are improved, the park looks as good as I've seen it, the upcoming coaster looks great, and thanks to Cedar Fair I will finally have a chance to see the park lit up at night.
  4. If your family is 4 people or more, the price for what you want to do is about the same. $59/each for the season pass, which gets you discounted admission at Knott's ($35.95/adult, $18.95 kids under 12). The Cedar Fair MAXX Passes were $90 (technically $99.95, I think) last season, so for 4 adults: 2008 - $384, 2007 - $365 3 adults, 1 kid under 12: 2008 - $367, 2007 - $365 Last time I was at SFDK (it was still called Marine World) it took nearly an hour to get a small pizza even though there were only about 12 people in line. The service seemed very slow at just about all places in that park. But nothing beats feeding apples to the giraffes!
  5. I agree you will be unfulfilled if you're looking for a good day of coaster riding, but on the other hand, this has never really been that kind of park. This is my home park for now (and I grew up near Cedar Point), and when I first moved to the area I called it "OK America" or "Adequate America." Still, I think they make the most of what they have. The park is mostly beautiful. The Survivor fire was there on opening day, but I suspect it gets disabled during high winds like today. I imagine the same goes for the bubbles, but I haven't seen them since late last season. Compounding the "I just paid what for WHAT?" feeling is that the water park is not open yet... perhaps the price of admission should be reduced when the water park is not in operation? But, as a home park... and included with the Cedar Fair platinum pass... I think it is decent and if I am in the area and have time, I will try to stop by and pick up a funnel cake And I'll probably make another 4 trips during the season and check out the Halloween event in the fall.
  6. Yeah, it may be early in the season, but Flight Deck and Delirium were walk-ons around lunch time yesterday. Loco, I meant that if they are building a (fingers crossed) great GCI wooden coaster, then the area holding that crappy pile of toothpicks in the back could be used for something much better (though I really like the landscaping when you walk through the structure to get to the station). I wish the food was more varied... I like the idea of Maggie's but other than the apple dumpling it doesn't seem very stand-out. And selling the same pizzas I see in the freezer aisle at Safeway??? If I'm going to pay premium for food, I want something unique... doesn't have to be healthy or anything... just something unique. One time last year, Slush Puppie rolled in a trailer of their products for a couple weeks and it was great to have something different (especially something cold). Dippin Dots are kinda neat, but I don't need them every 50 feet. How about frozen custard? You don't see that much in this area.
  7. I got the feeling that last season was already a major transition period... the wave pool seemed like the remains of Paramount's influence, while everything this year is clearly Cedar Fair. I think Cedar Fair is usually really good at making long-term plans, so any seemingly small changes in the park can sometimes hint at things to come. I think the construction of the new wooden coaster (which has been before the Santa Clara planning commission for the past few months: See item #10) could be an indication that Grizzly could be on its way out... but who knows. I noticed that Flight Deck's loose article compartments now have a sliding door that covers the items belonging to the other train. That is new to me. I wish this could be accomplished with some kind of system where people can put things in before boarding and the entire compartment is pushed across the track after the train departs. Does anyone know much about the current status of the Pictorium? Is that something that can be rented for private events?
  8. if you're coming all the way from Kentucky... and are going to California... i can't imagine picking CGA/SFDK over Knott's / SFMM... unless you've already been there. I still need to check out Disneyland, but I feel like I missed the magic (and I've been to WDW in Orlando). Here we are arguing about Paramount or Cedar Fair "ruining a park," and you have Disney there, arguably imploding from their own decisions and the park hasn't even changed hands... (ok, well, i guess you could say a lot has changed within the government-sized operation that is Disney). If you've got a Cedar Fair pass, and are making a trip to the CGA area, I would also suggest Gilroy Gardens... not much for thrills, but it is a very beautiful and quirky park. Then hit Santa Cruz for a ride on the Giant Dipper and carousel (with rings).
  9. I've only known CGA in recent years (2000 on)... Vortex seems oddly placed in the park... with the exception of a turn or two, it is not visually appealing in any way. I wonder what it was like when Tidal Wave was still there. Was it even more crowded in there? Or were they never at the park at the same time? Did Tidal Wave get a better view from the other side of the park? I hope the new wooden coaster (and I think Magnitude is a GREAT name for a ride. perhaps YOU should trademark it and cash in on it) is a step towards using the Grizzly location for something better!
  10. ^ It sounds like a better team name for arena football...
  11. Cool... now that they are going to be open for more night hours I will finally see the lights! Too bad the park lost its ferris wheel The Eiffel tower in the Coke graphic makes me think it was designed for King's Island. Firefall from Delta Flyer Firefall from the covered bridge
  12. Yeah, I haven't been to a real Haunt event before. Actually, outside of a corporate event, I have never seen Great America at night before... do all of the rides even have lighting? I'm excited about the later hours. Do you think it hurts Pepsi to see Cedar Fair's name on this Coke machine? If only that affiliation could spread throughout the rest of CF parks.........
  13. I NEVER check out shows at parks... but i am interested to see what an ice show would be like. I like the idea of a cold building with powerful A/C in the middle of summer... did anyone go to the park when Slush Puppie rolled their trailer in for a couple weeks last summer? YUM. I noticed Carousel Souvenirs was closed this weekend... is that normal for opening day? I hoped it was an indication that something was amiss with the Pictorium........
  14. That's a good point (other parks not open yet)... The movie references seemed goofy to me because it was such a clear indication of what Paramount did... everything before Paramount had a classic amusement park name, and only the new attractions got the movie "theme." The Nickelodeon area works, because all rides are tied into the theme. But to have movie references in a park that did not seem to be fully themed as some kind of "movie park" ala Universal Studios seemed a little exploitive... and look what it has led to... name changes... though I miss seeing the Raiders of the Lost Ark idol I like how Cedar Fair has bucked the trend of naming things for the ownership, and now the signs wouldn't need to be changed should the park change hands: Marriott's Great America, Paramount's Great America... Cedar Fair's Great America? Knott's Great America? no.... California's Great America. THAT was a GOOD name change. I think it is great to see CF making a commitment to the park, and it just makes me wonder what they are thinking for the long term... with a great new wooden coaster going in... what could become of Grizzly? Will something better occupy that spot in a few years?
  15. dang... what a lot of Cedar Fair hate! I went once during Paramount's ownership when I first moved to the area and thought that it LOOKED pretty cool, but I thought the service was pretty bad, the lines moved slow, and line jumping seemed to be allowed / overlooked by security. My friends and I referred to it as "OK America" or "Adequate America". I didn't return until Cedar Fair took over, and the first thing I noticed was that Top Gun's line moved much more quickly, and I even heard employees warning would-be line jumpers. I don't think Cedar Fair has yet to have an impact at this park yet, so I don't see why they should be blamed. Sure, two names aren't that great. Big deal. Is that really "killing CGA"? Personally, I don't like the cross marketing names for rides like Drop Zone, Survivor, Tomb Raider, etc... It's one step away from Cisco Swings, Xbox Tower, Orbitz Orbit at California's Great Comerica. Though it is still basically the same "junior park" as it was when I first went, I find myself having a better time at the park since Cedar Fair took over.
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