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  1. Actually, the height variance was approved. An interesting account of the discussion/presentation is in these minutes (Item #9) from the Santa Clara planning commission: http://santaclaraca.gov/pdf/minutes/PlanningCommission-20080528.pdf I wish I was there to see the PowerPoint and hea about the construction schedule... surveying could start any time, really.
  2. Ha! Yeah. Are magnetic brakes already somewhat capable of doing that?
  3. Well, nobody lost a limb in those incidents! I agree, the story here SHOULD be "New safety system installed on Intamin drop towers successful in preventing injury to riders" and NOT "Intamin drop towers are still prone to the cable failure that severed a girl's feet" The rest of the conversation here is just us ride geeks wanting to know more about how these rides and their safety systems work. Can an S&S tower already detect a cable failure, and what happens to the ride when it happens? IRT cable guards and shielding... you know that trick we all did when we were a kid... putting one magnet on the top of a table, and another magnet underneath, then making the top magnet move around the table "by itself" by controlling it with the magnet underneath? I suppose a ride could be designed so that the cable is attached to a magnet in a shielded trough, and carries the vehicle sheerly by magnetic force.
  4. ^ Thanks for that. I guess what I'm hoping is that if the system can take the weight as a factor for how it controls the air valve(s), then it could very well look for a cable failure and automatically close the valves, or deploy whatever other braking system the ride may have. I am not worried the least about hitting the ground hard. I'm just interested in if S&S towers are immune to the cable-snagging-a-body-part issue that now appears to be solved on the Intamin towers. And if I don't find out by the next time I'm at a park with an S&S... well, of course I'll still ride it!
  5. ^^^ That really makes me wonder about the actual setup of the cylinders. I've heard it described two ways--one description has a single piston in the large cylinder that all 4 cables attach to; the other description has a piston in each of the four outer cylinders so that each cable has its own piston. If there are 4 individual pistons, and a cable snaps, wouldn't that piston--now free of the counter force of the vehicle, shoot violently to the opposite end of the cylinder? I guess it would depend on whether the cable detached from the top of the piston or the bottom. On a turbo drop, if the cable detached from the bottom, then the piston would shoot up and the top part of the cable would be spit out of the top, slack and dangerous. There must be something to prevent that, or there is only one piston so that all cables move in unison even during a cable failure. I've read that the S&S system is complex enough to measure the weight of the loaded vehicle to calculate required air pressure.... so it is potentially capable of detecting a number of failure scenarios.... but does it?
  6. I feel like you might be directing that at me.... if so, I'm not complaining about this incident. Actually, the first thing I said was "wow, that's cool." I think a discussion about the safety systems on these types of rides is healthy, and I would really like to know which rides have them and which ones don't. I'm comfortable with that... I am more interested about whether a dangling cable on an S&S can cause serious injury like in the SFKK incident. I believe it CAN, but is far less likely to. The cable could snap at the top side of a piston, and when the vehicle goes into its drop program, the cable could snag somebody and cause some big problems when the vehicle bounces back up. BTW... could you have the tubes mixed up? I really would think that there would be one piston in the large tube that all cables attach to so that each side is raised and lowered the exact same amount at the same time. Having 4 pistons in largely independant chambers seems difficult to synchronize. Perhaps the 4 outer tubes are asort of accumulator (as you described the big tube in the pic).
  7. Not a big deal there, but I sure would like to know which towers have such a safety system and which ones don't! We all know of one that didn't....
  8. The design of the S&S has the advantage that the cable is always intended to travel with the vehicle. And since that is the case, an e-stop after drop/shot is possible on an S&S, and it is not possible on an Intamin. So the operator has a tiny bit more time to react and do something. Still... does the S&S e-stop just shut the valves? that would stop the vehicle in hurry, but I don't think the piston is air-tight..? I think the vehicle would start to slowly lower to the ground. Unless the cables have some kind of brake, too, that kicks in shortly after the valve shuts. S&S seems inherently safer to me. Not 100% safe, but safer.
  9. You mean like Demon Drop at Cedar Point? If that cable (chain?) breaks, you'll be hitting the anti-rollbacks and sitting still until they let you out. The cable is nowhere near the drop side, so I can't imagine it interfering with the descent.
  10. This is something how the intamin works... On the left, two cables attached to the catch car, mated to the vehicle. Middle, broken cable dangling from the catch car, still mated to the vehicle. Right, vehicle drops while the catch car and dangling cable remain at the top of the tower.
  11. Not as much stress? There are 4 cables for all 4 sides of the S&S tower. EDIT: I mean 1 cable per side. A total of 4 for the 4-sided vehicle. There are 2-3 cables for EACH side of the Intamin tower. The S&S operates at forces greater than gravity; Intamin is a freefall. The S&S cables repeatedly pull in two alternating directions. Perhaps the S&S cables are much stronger, but I think they see greater loads.
  12. ^ I haven't brushed up on the accident in a while, but if I remember right one of the two cables snapped on the way up and dangled below the vehicle as it raised to the top of the tower (mated to the catch car). When the vehicle releases, that dangling cable is going to stay there, attached to the catch car, while the vehicle drops. At some point, that dangling cable (perhaps during the snapping motion) caught the passenger, and as the vehicle dropped, the cable (and her foot) stayed stationary.
  13. In my opinion, it is conceivable that a serious accident involving a cable could occur on an S&S ride, but I think it is much less possible. On the S&S towers, the cable is always travelling at the same speed (and direction) as the vehicle. It is likely that even a broken cable would continue to travel with the vehicle (rather than remaining stationary at the top like the Intamin ride). Of course, after a bounce on the S&S tower, the cable could theoretically snag something. But in these two events, the cable dig not snag part of the ride structure. The cable is intended to stay stationary on the Intamin ride while the vehicle detaches and falls. I would like to know more about the safety system on the S&S towers, too... can they sense a broken cable? can the ride be stopped after it is in motion? I assume air is gradually bled (possible leaking where the cable enters the cylinder) as the ride cycles. Can this bleed be stopped completely so that the vehicle can stop midway up the tower?
  14. Wow, a cable tension sensor. That is actually really cool. I still don't understand if (or how) S&S towers are immune from this kind of problem. Do they have tension sensors for their cables? are there simply so many cables that no individual cable bears enough force to cause damage? How often are they replaced? It seems like the motion of an S&S tower would put more stress on the cables to me. I guess the nature of the S&S system is such that the cable is going to come down with the passengers no matter what... it never sits stationary at the top and always moves wih the vehicle. The cable on the Intamin ride stays stationary at the top while the car detaches and falls. ?
  15. Grizzly seems blacked out at night, too. I sorta think Paramount may have just said "who needs lights on the rides when we close at 7?" Parts of the park get pretty dark... it seems like they quite a lot of security staff walking around. I hope they can eventually brighten the place up some more. Firefall looks tremendous. I couldn't believe it either! It reminds me of when I first saw Rip Tide at Knott's (when they were running the "wet" program). I think I had higher expectations than a lot of other people for it, and it is still better than what I expected. I can't wait to see a render of the park with the upcoming coaster. I imagine it is going to really change the look of the park dramatically. I wonder if they will paint it? Invertigo at night... Very well lit! my little camera doesn't offer much in the way for exposure control, but the shutter stayed open long enough to make the ST cabin look fast. Another Endeavor blur.
  16. Thanks everyone. Luckily, CGA has made it easy to get good pictures... the park really looks good. I know Gilroy has the "Gardens", but there are so many plants and trees at CGA, too. I wonder how many different trees they have? It's going to look killer for the Halloween event. I noticed some weird "cables" with a stake on the end hanging out of the beams above the bathrooms by Survivor. After thinking for a while, I'm guessing the "cable" is actually an irrigation hose and the stakes probably went inside hanging pots that so far have been missing this season. Congratulations to the park for Firefall. It is a ride we've seen plenty of times before, but they have really made it a great spectacle. A lot of people gather around just to watch it (and to hold things for people who are riding it). It may not seem like it in memory sometimes, but there really is a lot to do at this park. I didn't even snap pics of the water park. There are enough rides that the lines are never way too long (except maybe Psycho Mouse), and the ops seem to get faster each time I go. I was at SFDK recently (it looks better than I ever remember it)... I like that park, too. Great animal shows, some unique jungle-themed rides and a few great coasters . I wanted to ride more rides while I was there, but the lines were SO long and SO slow. Great park--perhaps a victim of its own success... I just wish I could spend less time waiting and more time doing. At CGA, I always can.
  17. Noted! I kinda thought something like that could happen. It's nothing like Orbit, where you are pushed into your seat even when you are upside down.... I've seen Endeavor sit up there for maybe a few seconds sometimes!
  18. Ok. this should wrap it up.... and at night... That's all, folks! Hope you enjoyed another look at California's Great America. I have never seen the park at night before. It is nice. Unfortunately, a lot of rides don't have extensive lighting systems but there is plenty of night-time amusement park feel, including carts of glowing, flashing, spinning things for sale as you walk out! Another example of how beautiful this park is. I think I forgot this one earlier... Fire... even at closing time. Survivor! This ride gets panned a lot, but I like it. ...an exposure so long that the security staff took notice... so is the sun The Star Tower is... setting. The big-raft-splashdown ride has some wonderful landscaping... as does most of the park. and the nearby Speedway Bowl... or "that game with the bowling ball." which is much better than "all those games with the basketballs"! Actually, I thought this game was doomed, yet it is still here... The speedway... really cool how it weaves in and around Grizzly and Demon(?). I'm not sure, because I haven't ridden it myself yet...
  19. ...what's next....? Bumper cars... with instructions for less bumping? stay tuned... one more! So many trees here! Some of these shops look cool on the outside... not very interested in what they sell, though. Psycho Mouse... one of the slowest lines in the park. What is the fate of the Pictoriummmm... mmmm?? Some water by the Outback shack Thank you, Cedar Fair, for saving this classic! Orbit! Was Maverick really worth losing this great station? The great, rotating Loggers Run station. White Water Landing fans rejoice! Loggers Run! Spongebob had bubbles even at closing time... That way to KidZville? Invertigo! I like it... it can be intense... and awkward, staring at someone you might not know.
  20. agh! flogging molly, I really screwed up a couple posts... here we go... Grizzly at night. stay tuned... still more! There is a great courtyard inside the structure of the Grizzly. You pass through it to enter the ride. Grizzly passing by... Games Gallery at night... whoooaha with the exposure.. This is just outside the Great America Theater, where the new ice show just opened. The First Aid building looks cool. Eagle's Flight station at night Drop Tower at night The Demon... corkscrew section Delirium is one of my favorites. Centrifuge! A classic At night, parts of the park really look "amusement park-y".
  21. more... no particular order... i'll try to group by ride a bit if I can... Vortex. Again: short, but a pretty fun ride that won't leave you waiting forever in line. I wonder why this ride doesn't operate into the night. I'm a big sky ride fan. I wonder if these cabins are used regularly? Will this all be overshadowed by the new coaster? The swings have such a prominent location here like some of the girls I've dated, it looks better as it gets darker.... One of the coolest carousels... Celebration Plaza(?)
  22. Spent a bit of time at the park today... it was busy throughout the day and then lines got short around twilight. I'm just going to start posting pics... more soon... stay tuned.... Even a long line seems to move quickly. ...but it packs a punch. It may be a little short... Love Flight Deck. ...or sew my car keys to my shorts. Someday I will pay $8 for a locker... ...and I haven't seen anything like it elsewhere... ...but it is so unique... I still haven't had a chance to ride Endeavor... too many things in my pockets... How is Firefall doing, anyway? Holy crap! Survivor fire... check! OK, that settles that First, we had better make sure Cedar Fair isn't ruining the park omg. Spongebob Bubbles... check!
  23. I like the idea of a new dark ride, though for some reason Cedar Fair doesn't seem to build many. I liked the old San Francisco Earthquake and Pirate Ride at Cedar Point. Isn't the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk planning to build a new dark ride that is entirely underground? That is some nice space management.... ride underground, food, shops and games up top. OK, you're right about the flat rides... Something like Xcelerator could fit in the Grizzly spot... maybe..
  24. Cedar Fair always seems to find space at Cedar Point. I think there is plenty of space for some more flats right now. And... once this new woodie is in place.... how many people would miss Grizzly if it were taken out? (I actually would a bit... love the entrance landscaping and my expectations are always so low for the ride that I'm usually impressed) They can probably fly steel over parts of the park, too.
  25. From an article about the 49ers stadium: edit: the original article The meeting was on May 28, so I guess that means CF is free to start building?
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