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  1. Clint said it looks nothing like B&M track, which makes sense as that red beemer track in Ohio would appear to be going to Carowinds. Perhaps this is a Mack or Mauer Sohn coaster?
  2. According to Clint it appears there is equipment on site to start footer work.
  3. Update. There is a total of 6 pieces of Red Track in the parking lot. There are a few of the yellow supports still there from last week. Clint has no idea what kind of track this is but he said it looks a little like Vekoma Flying track. He really has no idea though. Pics later today.
  4. Clint is there taking pics and will post them once he gets home later today. Probably not until late today.
  5. There is RED track in the parking lot at KD right now. Clint from KDFansite is there now. Not sure if it really belongs to KD or not Not sure of the manufacturer either but there are 4 pieces of track there now. Clint will post pics later today when he gets back home.
  6. Forum member on KDFansite watched them get loaded on a Flatbed and turned left out of the exit at KD. They went towards I-95 before they were out of sight.
  7. Trucks came to KD today and loaded up the yellow supports and hauled them away. Rumor has it that these were supposed to go to Carrowinds (according to some KD employees). This is all rumor as no one has any facts. Also Dick Kinzel and other CF officials have been spotted at KD today as well (again according to other sources). Just an FYI. Greg
  8. Some new pics from someone who went today. They are on page 72 http://www.kdfansite.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=441&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=1065 Most just shots of the clearing.
  9. I would say you are right based on what iSpeed looks like. I would guess we are looking at an Intamin Launch coaster for KD then. Greg
  10. Looks like KD is definitely getting something in 2010. Forum members from KDFansite are there today and have noted that there are 3 semi-trucks in the parking lot unloading track and supports today. It has also been reported that a lot of land clearing is going on behind Anaconda. Just passing along the info. Greg
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