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  1. As previously mentioned ride Griffon in the front for the view off of the first "hanging" drop ... it's awesome. But ride the back for the fun factor as it pop your arse right out of the seat on the first drop and the MCBR drop. Griffon is a great ride and I was leave it with a smile on my face no matter whether I get to ride once or 10 times in a day. Just a fun, fun ride.
  2. Story up on NBC-12 http://www.nbc12.com/global/story.asp?s=10611520 John Pagel neither confirming or denying only stating that some of those internet sites are correct.
  3. Clint said these 4 were in a tight curve as if they were entering or exiting a station.
  4. Clint is at the park and states: Footer work is going on! 4 big footers are being poured. Very large square footers.
  5. Yup Hypersonic's launch, up the hill and over was awesome. After that brace for impact, pain, and suffering -- awful ride after the launch. The brakes were by far the worst. They were on so hard that you went from 60-0 in the blink of an eye. And yes the capacity was absolutely STUPID bad. Maybe if they were running 10 trains at a time where they could launch every 30 seconds or less would have made it ok but I seriously doubt it.
  6. Thanks for the vid. Am I the only one that thinks this look boring? I guess the appeal to this ride will be the "onboard experience" of audio, lights etc and the DVD you can make. I won't be rushing 12 hours to FL for this one anytime soon.
  7. More twitter updates -- Both cement trucks just left after there pour. Crew still sitting buy the track with the crain. Lots of work down at the site. 33 minutes ago from Tweed --Just sitting on top of the E tower waiting for more trucks to unload. Another cement truck just pulled in 25 minutes ago from Tweed -- Alright just got video of another truck arriving!! Its pulling in now 15 minutes ago from Tweed -- They are now opening the truck! Place your bets.. What will these pieces be? 4 minutes ago from Tweed
  8. Clint from KDFansite is there and they are unloading more track today. At the moment there are 17 double spine, 3 lift hill pieces on site EDIT -- Recount 13 small pieces, 14 double spine, 3 medium pieces, 3 lift hill pieces. EDIT -- At the top of the E tower and there are cement trucks pouring on site. Footers??? from Coastercrew twitter page
  9. I seriously doubt this a 300 foot tall elevator lift like on Pilgrim's Plunge.
  10. BTW just for giggles here is the breakdown of Hanover County Permit Fees http://www.co.hanover.va.us/bldginsp/bperfees.pdf I believe someone discovered earlier that the permit cost was roughly $36,000 (I am not 100% positive on this). Based on that the cost of the ride + installation would actually be less than 10 mil (very, very rough calculations seeing as we do not know the cost of each part i.e. electrical costs, mechanical costs, etc since each part is taxed at a slightly different rate. Of course the 36k permit figure doesn't mean that is the ONLY permit they had to get. Not sure if anyone cares to read about it plus it is just more speculation anyway.
  11. Much agreed, there is nothing do around KD and you have to travel a solid 30 mins to get into downtown Richmond where you can find museums, art houses etc (not that those things make people plan a special trip to the area for them) BG still has the better drawing potential and the high quality of the park really helps. Water Country is a great park as well it just costs a lot when you want to do both.
  12. Thats what I was thinking, based on the land clearing we see this would have to be a pretty insane compact layout for a coaster that is 300 ft... Could end up being a compact layout like SROS or some of their megalites. The megalites (from what I have seen) are pretty compact and overlap a lot.
  13. As others have mentioned before the flat track pieces are most likely station/transfer track OR standby track (ie end of the ride waiting to unload) Look at some MF pics http://www.pointbuzz.com/Photos/Photo.aspx?id=1215&tag=millennium+force AND http://www.pointbuzz.com/Photos/Photo.aspx?id=1217&tag=millennium+force AND http://www.pointbuzz.com/Photos/Photo.aspx?id=1211&tag=millennium+force
  14. "Better park" is debatable. However, more successful park? Certainly Cedar Fair has a shot at that. Think about it, the NOVA/DC area can choose to drive 3-4 hours to BGE, or an hour or so to KD. If KD can offer a world class coaster collection on par with an amazing park like CP, and enough for family's to be entertained, then the majority will probably go with that. Take a day off to drive down to KD, or a whole weekend to go to BGE. Also CF is showing signs that they want KD to become a destination for the region, this is helped by the hotels being built down there right now. Also for those don't live in the area the new very large Fairgrounds are being built right near KD as well. Lots of events held there as well as a large number of horse shows. The Fairgrounds which be much larger than the existing ones we have now at RIR. RIR wanted all that stuff gone years ago since Nascar is a big deal here. A lot of the horse/barn facilities are basically done. There is another expansion phase to the horse facilities planned but that has been held off for the moment. Therefore there is a lot of activity coming to the Doswell area now.
  15. Back on topic Some new pics posted at KDFansite of some new track that has shown up Check them out http://www.kdfansite.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=12420#12420
  16. Ahhh so on Weekdays bring a coke can and pay $49.99 for 2 guests to get in the park. Got it now. Thanks Greg
  17. Sorry if this is on the site already but I am considering a trip to Great Adventure next week (Friday 7/3 actually) and I know I saw commercials when I was in PA last week for GA involving a Coke can. I was certain it was bring in a coke can and get in for $25 but I cannot seem to find this info on the web anywhere. Also I thought the commercial was buy one get 1 free as well. I am a VA resident and never see SF ads so I could use some assistance on this please. Thanks in advance!! Greg
  18. Anyone think we will still see the same old train style or will Intamin come out with something new seeing as they have a new track style as well.
  19. Yeah I have seen several rumors around the net about Black Squid going up somewhere next year as well. If true perhaps in this area also or better yet fill in the void left by Hypersonic which looks AWFUL!
  20. Well KD's project is now listed on rcdb http://www.rcdb.com/id4520.htm
  21. Yeah they just got me to renew my Season Pass, no doubt.
  22. I have questioned this a few times myself but as the KD thread has grown I have seen many folks mention how steel has gone down making this possible. I have no first hand knowledge so no idea. Also supposedly the new "double spine" track is stronger and needs less supports thus using less steel thus costing less. Again just things I have read.
  23. Giga -- I think will simply mean over 300 feet tall. This makes sense too as the rumors some folks have posted are that this coaster was to be taller than DZ and the Eiffel Tower. Hopefully I will enjoy it as much as I do MF.
  24. Cool. Let's hope this is still just lapbars and not OTSRs as I really dislike the Intamin OTSRs (got to experience them last week on Storm Runner and Fahrenheit). Great pics and thanks for the excellent detective work!! Should be interesting and I am now I am really looking forward to the 2010 season. Greg
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