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  1. Sheikra- a popular cheer heard at Arabian football games.


    Cornball Express- a caravan of vehicles carrying various relatives of mine on their way to an out of state family wedding.


    Downdraft- the realization that you split your pants climbing onto or off of a ride.


    Kentucky Rumbler- the condition that results from eating too many corn dogs too quickly.


    Millennium Force- the amount of pressure it takes to get an OTSR to latch on a really large person.

  2. Even though I'm from PA, I visited Disneyland first (1989). I was visiting friends in San Diego, and DL was one day out of an overnighter to the LA area. Also took in Universal's Studio tour and saw the corner of Hollywood and Vine (what a dump even back then).


    WDW didn't come until 2004. It was January and they had frost warnings. Figures I come the one week temps are in the 50s. Of course, we put every article of clothing we brought and were a lot warmer watching the night parade and fireworks than all the locals were.

  3. At HPITD, I've never had a problem with re-riding as long as there was nobody waiting for the seat. And sometimes, I was simply allowed to choose another seat that wasn't occupied. Last year, I got re-rides on SDL, LR, and they were giving them on GB toward the end of the night.


    A few years ago, when they were open on Saturdays till midnight, there were about 10-12 people power-riding Lightning Racer one night. There was hardly anybody waiting in the queues when we came back, so we were allowed to re-ride. This went on for a good hour. Of course, we all kept our eyes on whoever was in the front seats, seeing if they were going to get off. The only thing they wouldn't let us do is switch from Lightning to Thunder and vice versa. But switching seats on the same train was no problem.


    BTW, very cool TR. I was thinking of going on Friday, but the forecast changed my mind.

  4. Top 5 things about the Six Flags Christmas tree:


    5. It's not a real tree, it's an Intamin pre-fab.

    4. One side of the tree will be SBNO for 10 years (like Chiller)

    3. Every hour there will be a light show called "Sparkling Qbots."

    2. Instead of ornaments, the tree will be covered with ads for Weyerhaueser and Miracle-Gro

    1. After the holidays, they'll chop the tree up and re-use it to build Evel Knievel

  5. Dippin' Dots aren't just ice cream... they're {insert trumpet fanfare-- dah-da-da-daaaaaah} "the Ice Cream of the Future!!!" (and have been since 1985-- when's the future going to get here already?)


    If there were rides on the moon, Cedar Fair would close the park and start moving them to other planets.


    Six Flags would charge $12,000 to park your lunar module. And most of the rides would be down anyway. Would lines move faster on the moon?

  6. If the Mayans were so smart, how come there calendar didn't have a date with a big circle around it called "getting massacred by the Spaniards day?"


    But seriously, could you have a drop ride on the moon?


    Even more seriously, what would Dippin Dots be like on the moon? Could you eat them? Or would they just float away, form into one giant mass of frozen crap and zoom toward earth sometime in 2012?

  7. The T-shirt idea is definitely cool. I like the ideas so far. I wonder if there's a way to fit in "Things Are Not What They Seem" since that was a big part of the campaign. I wouldn't want to make the shirt too cluttered though.


    It might be a good idea to check w/ Nantimi, er Hershey, to make sure it's cool with them. I don't think any of your ideas are proprietary, but you never know.


    FYI, I sent an e-mail to the comments@nantimi address asking about the clues, and whether we missed any. Marty responded quickly (Martin, Luke and JB are the names of real people from the marketing dept.) and told me the following:


    The airport picture from the website was just a cool picture that didn't real mean anything. The mentions in the blog about hating planes and flying was just playing off of that and just acting as a diversion. Boston didn't mean anything either, except Marty was there on a business trip and he took that picture from his hotel room. Denis Tekler = Ted Kleisner (CEO of HERCO). He also said some clues were solved more quickly than they anticipated, and others needed some help to make sure they got solved.

  8. OK, it wouldn't be a fun feeling to be stuck on the lift hill of a boomerang especially facing uphill, then coming down backwards--for 2 hours or was it an hour an a half? How were people on the same train stuck 2 different lengths of time? If news outlets can't get that fact straight, how much credibility does the rest of the story have?


    But to say the ride went into freefall? No, not exactly, it went down the track. The same track it goes down when the ride isn't stuck. Free fall means nothing but gravity. BTW, I doubt the coaster careened or raced down the hill any faster than it does any other time.


    Getting sprayed with hydraulic fluid would be a crappy experience-- I admit the quality of the video was pretty bad and I couldn't see anything even with the circle the TV station added. But what is "drenched?" Drenched to me is splashdown ride wet. Is that how wet the passengers were? Or is that just another one of those dramatic TV words they teach anchors to use?


    Funny thing about the ABC affiliate story-- check out the items below it: 5 school kids shot in Cleveland, DC Gang Wars, an interview with sniper/serial killer John Muhammad. attempted abduction of a 12-year old... and of all those, getting stuck on a rollercoaster is the worst situation?

  9. ^ Yeah, no chain saw guy in the queue this year. After our second ride, I remarked to my friend that there was nothing in the trash can they have placed along the off ramp. We weren't at the next switchback when we heard the horn going off and some girls screaming.


    I didn't ride the Antique Cars this year (didn't want to wait in line), but I heard they did a great job with them. From the Phoenix lift hill I could see the mini-coaster they built in the haunted amusement park section. People were raving about that. I might go back to check out the Cars plus get a few more dark rides on Phoenix.

  10. I didn't get to see any of the testing, but I was up on the platform later in the evening. (BTW, the station is beautiful. I was told it was Dick's idea to use the metal arches.) There were only a few people there, so I got to ask the crew a lot of questions.


    They are still not totally satisfied with the cars. The framework around the back and sides will prevent people from reaching out to the sides, while still allowing them to hold their arms up. There is concern that people might hold onto the sides of the cars where you enter and exit, which could be a safety issue in the side friction sections of the track. But they don't want to make it too high to make access more difficult.


    One of the crew members told me they haven't tested a full train yet. They're hoping that once all the cars are in place, the train will be more stable and follow in a line. Apparently, when they were testing with two cars, each car individually "fishtails" through the turns.


    They told me that the lift hills are actually going to use water instead of oil to lubricate the chains. That's to prevent oil from getting into the trough sections of the ride. The roof over the section of the queue that passes below the track is to keep water from dripping on people in line.


    Because the trains are so quiet and because of the obvious lack of visibility, there will be several cameras placed along the course so ops know where the trains are. They are confident they will be able to keep 3 trains running continuously. That's some fast dispatch time, but if anyone can do it, a Knoebels crew can.

  11. Last year was crazy cold though, in the upper 30s by night, so I'm sure that had a lot to do with the crowds being sparse. I decided against riding SR with that wind chill!


    The last hour or two, there are hardly any lines for anything in Midway America. SR and Comet will have lines, but nothing like summertime lines. Saturday will probably have the largest crowds of the weekend. If anyone is able to go on Sunday late afternoon/evening, I'd recommend it. Practically walk-on city.


    Best rides I ever had on SR were two years ago @ HPITD. A thin, dense layer of fog had moved in around the creek. The launch was clear, but you went into the fog going up the top hat. The very top was clear, then you went back down into the fog, and came out into the clear just before the bottom. All the elements were like that. The snake dive was crazy, spinning with zero visibility until the very end when you could suddenly see the lights below you.

  12. Homepark 1- Knoebels

    Twister 1999

    Looper 2005

    Theatre 2006 (OK so it's not technically a ride)

    Downdraft 2001

    Scenic Skyride 2003

    Rockin Tug

    Fandango 2006


    Homepark 2- Hershey

    Great Bear 1998

    Lightning Racer 2000

    Storm Runner 2004

    Claw 2003

    Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge 2006

    I walked through the Boardwalk-- does that count?


    Homepark 3 (sorta) Dorney

    Woodstock Express 2000

    Hydra 2005


    Other parks

    CP- Raptor 1994

    Gemini 1978

    Epcot- Mission SPACE 2004 (wasn't a year old at that time)

    Idlewild- Loggin Toboggan 2005

  13. So does this mean they're planning on having the ride open on "Opening Day" for the park? Or do they mean opening day for the ride, whenever that happens to be?


    HPfan3-- I figured you'd be disqualified anyway because you're related to someone who's affiliated with someone who works at the park... or something like that.


    It's been 10 years since Dorney built Steel Force. F-heit is HP's 5th new coaster since then, they also put in a dark ride and added a large water attraction and a few flat rides. Does this mean Hershey doesn't want a hyper? Or hasn't wanted one so far? I'd like to think eventually they will add one, but I don't see it happening until the park actually expands either out toward the stadium or into the new land they purchased (across Park Blvd-- not Hersheypark Drive).


    To construct one within the park's current footprint would become extremely expensive. They would either have to demolish/remove numerous rides and attractions or spend a lot more cash in design and construction to fit supports and structure between what's already there. That could easily add 5-10 million or more to the price tag. Not to mention it's more likely to disrupt operations sometime during the season. It couldn't be constructed entirely between the Christmas and Springtime events.


    Enthusiasts will say they could do it because they did the same with Great Bear. But what else do enthusiasts say? Great Bear is too short and you don't get enough tricks for what they paid for the ride. I'd rather see them build the ride on an open piece of ground and invest the money in a kick-ass layout than having a mediocre ride because too much of the money was spent designing and constructing funky foundations tucked in strange places between other rides. Just my $0.02.


    BTW, if you go back to the nantimi website and click on the "submit" button, it takes you to a different page. Near the bottom is a "?" Click on it and it lets you compose an e-mail to comments@nantimi.com Let them know what you thought of the whole marketing campaign.

  14. I was responding to a comment someone posted saying that the park could have built a hyper next year by fitting the hills in a strip of land along the edge of the park. My comment was that right now, there is hardly any unused land along the CURRENT edge of the park. Nothing else is going along Route 743, especially a hyper. Even placing a hyper on the Hersheypark Drive side of the park would dwarf LR and Wildcat (like Thunderhawk next to Steel Force), which I think would take away from both of those coasters.


    I don't know what the park has planned for the remainder of the golf course property they purchased. A large portion of it has already been used for additional parking and entrance lanes near the Giant Center. In several years, they may begin using parts of it for a park expansion, or expand the park into the existing parking lots around the stadium and former arena. Those plans may include a hyper, they may not. Don't forget they also have to accommodate expansion of the Boardwalk in the next few years.


    I'd rather have them take their time and plan and build it correctly, rather than just throw a hyper anywhere just to put one in or because enthusiasts want one NOW.

  15. Here are a few images, courtesy of Google Earth, aerials of Hersheypark. If anyone can find where this hyper everyone wants can go within the current boundaries of the park (without ruining the view of or from an existing coaster), please point it out.




    This image shows the soon to be removed Western Chute Out (the bluish feature toward the middle), and the future location of Fahrenheit. Any guess as to how the ride will be oriented? BTW, the top hat for SR is just out of the picture at the bottom center.



  16. From RCDB:

    Norwegian Loop - This element was first introduced on the Speed Monster at TusenFryd (Vinterbro, Oslo Norway).


    Looking at the element from the side it looks very much like a pretzel. It is also very similar to the "Pretzel Loop" element used on flying coasters. The difference is the "Norwegian Loop" has a ½ inline twist at the start of the element and another at the end. This makes two inversions and the Pretzel Loop" has only one.


    Inversions: 2


    Phantom's Revenge definitely has no inversions.


    As far as a chosen few go, it was pretty much said that the 25 who were sent the puzzle pieces were those most actively involved in trying to solve the clues. Either e-mailing "nantimi" or talking it up on the various coaster sites. Everyone knew the sites were being watched. I wasn't expecting anything out of it, I just got wrapped up in it and I wasn't giving up until it was figured out. Beats a "name the coaster" contest (like they did with their last two coasters) anyday.


    As far as this hyper that everyone would love to see-- where are they supposed to put it? What good is having a hyper if they have to rip out half dozen of their other coasters? I don't see going across HP Drive as some have suggested as being realistic (especially having to deal with PennDOT) or even possible-- I don't see the Hershey trust wanting the park coming over to that side of the highway.


    I'd like to see the park expand into the existing parking lot someday, while adding more parking in the area they just purchased around the Giant Center. I think that's the only chance they have at expansion, especially for the Boardwalk. The only question is what happens with the stadium? They can't totally cut that off from parking and driveway access, and getting rid of it I think would cause too much of an uproar.


    Does anyone know if Derry Township has any height restrictions? They already have the Kissing Tower, but the township may have put some more recent restrictions in place preventing future construction above a certain elevation.

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