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  1. Natatomic, actually I was the one who posted about the e-mail over at Cbuzz (check the initials of my screen name there and here), so I think we're back down to 4.


    Since I don't think anyone answered yet, the 11 final investors are supposedly getting one of the first rides on the "2008 attraction" (Hope they weren't referring to Howler )


    I was thinking of e-mailing HERCO and asking them for a summary of all the clues (I bet we all still missed some here and there) and the red herrings meant to mislead us. Looking back, I think the whole thing about partners not getting along and employees being fired was just a set-up to "dissolve" the company come September 27.

  2. ^ Well, the puzzle picture did say Phase XI would begin and end on 0926.

    Hang in folks, remember IT WON'T BE LONG NOW. Besides, I'm sure what we'll see at noon will be much better than the preview we got tonight.


    We still have no name, no stats, no idea how and where this is going to fit into the park, so there still is a lot to be announced yet.


    BTW, I thought there were 6 inversions-- the 4 that were mentioned before, plus don't you count 2 for the Norwegian Pretzel Cheez Doodle, whatever it's called?

  3. I rode it on two occasions. Once in 1990, it was a kick-butt ride. The second was in 2000 during Halloweekends. It was so slow, I thought they were going to make us get out and push the train back to the station. Worst part was I had told my brother about this great coaster, and made him ride with me. He probably thought I was nuts if I called that a great coaster. Well, it was 10 years before.

  4. ^^^^^Then why are you?


    I got lots of interesting e-mails today. Viagra 70% off... someone telling me "I selling Rolexes..." (hope they use to proceeds to buy a book on how to speak English)... some bank where I don't even have an account wants to discuss my non-existent account... and 4 different people telling me that women "fake it" 50% of the time.


    Anyway, back to the thread at hand. I wonder what the significance of the "partners" not talking to each other is. And the mention of soaring and flying, a plane taking off on the home page (which is depicted at a strange angle, since you wouldn't see both wings from a side view unless the plane were severely banking), and Martin not liking planes in the blog. Or was all that just meaningless stuff to divert us from the real clues?

  5. I was planning on heading down to the park Sunday. First to renew my season pass before the prices go up. Second to walk around and gawk and point at survey markings on the ground. Third to stand in front of the Founder's Circle fountain and try to channel the spirit of Milton-- maybe he can slip me some inside info about this new attraction.


    And kettle corn, I almost forgot. Have to buy a bag of kettle corn. Maybe the mix of sweet and salty plus the crunch will stimulate the nerve endings of my brain. Ahh, the hell with that, it just tastes good.


    We still haven't figured out a definite answer about the hotel room pic, have we? I mean the first one, before the homer message. Mirror image-- looking SW. Boston. Lots of "two's" floating around the blog and website. What's it all about? C'mon Martin/donan/luke. Give us some clues that lead to something, not just dead ends.

  6. First they have to get rid of what's there, Ccron. If they intend to sell the Chute Out slides, they can't just go in and bulldoze them over.


    The park is still open, even if only on weekends, and the walkway from the arcade past the Chutes is the main route to Midway America. They can't just close that off like they did the Boardwalk area last year. I'm sure right now there is nothing new to take pictures of anyway, unless you want to see survey markers from a different orientation.


    They haven't even announced the ride yet, why should they be starting construction? And why pile track around the park that they won't be installing for months yet? We have demolition to worry about first, then foundations, utilities, then structure, then track. Patience, people.

  7. Why wouldn't Hershey want it? They have hundreds of people who've made thousands of posts on a dozen different coaster websites hyping whatever this attraction is. People are talking about it.


    How much buzz would there be if HERCO did nothing more than what they posted on the official Hershey website? That blurb about heat and degrees is two week old news by now. Discussion about that was over and done with the day after it was posted.


    Maybe they wanted to do something different from what other parks are doing. HW has the Holiblog, CP has several fansites where people discuss upcoming projects, a lot of parks have construction cams. Why not create an alternate reality game and let enthusiasts play along?


    A lot of people have said Hershey doesn't or wouldn't operate that way. Again I say why not? It's kind of funny that we all expect them to put in a state of the art coaster to 2008 standards, yet expect them to market it using techniques from the 1960s.


    Some have said Hershey wouldn't go through the effort and expense to create a fake website and blog. But someone trying to create a hoax would have to put out the same effort and expense. If a large company couldn't afford to do it, how could one person manage? Just to pull off a joke? If so, I hope that person either married rich or has a trust fund they're living off of.

  8. "no communication to homer" ?


    Maybe he's saying he never communicated with our Homer? Like as in that video Homer sent out?


    Haha, yes. I'm thinking that's the real meaning, too.



    So why e-mail me about it? Nobody else here got the same message? I didn't even comment on that lovely vid. And nobody else following from the other coaster sites would have even seen it, so why post a public clue that means nothing to most people?

  9. I received the following e-mail from donan:


    It's not like you to give up. Does one letter seem as though it's getting

    just a little bit ahead of itself? Perhaps it should go back to the end

    of the line.





    The one thing I can think of right now is in the lettering along the side of the building in the blog. Is that an "r" sort of super-typed at the beginning? If so, then following donan's instruction, the line reads "no communication to homer" ?


    Or am I looking in the completely wrong location?

  10. It seems to say "... on 0926 only those who know the secret..." which is sort of what we were told from one of the very first e-mails.


    The rest will be filled in as those other pieces are retrieved. Doesn't it seem like donan is taking his time sending out all the pieces. You'd think with everyone checking out different sites, everyone who received a piece would have been directed to one site so it all could be put together.

  11. Here's the mirror image of the pic from the blog.




    Hotels in that area are a Westin and a Marriott. I was tooling around on google earth to see what might pop out. I couldn't figure it out for anything. I was thinking at 6 AM, the sun is to the east and shadows are to the west, so you're looking north, which made no sense at all. Looking SW, the view could be from the Westin. Telling us... what?

  12. Good find, nat. Here's a link I found listing all the buildings in the surrouding area.




    111 Huntington Ave. looks like the building with the writing next to it.

    Can't help but notice the resemblance between the pic on the left for Schindler and the pic on the Nantimi home page.


    Just throwing all this out.

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