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  1. TPR WILL NOT be at Cedar Point this weekend! I am not sure why you think that, but the Road to Cedar Point Trip was last month. (Just like Spideyfreak already told you in the quote above) Oh!!!! TKS for clarifying!!! My english is not that good (it's not my mother language). I saw a Trip update past 09-07 and thought they were still on the road to CP. Well, that means no ERT on the rides, plenty of time for scares and adrenaline Tks again!
  2. I'm going this Friday also, expecting the same: hope the lines are not the long people say they use to be, hehe. I don't know when the TPR crew is going, Friday-Sat-Sun, but I guess they'll have ERT, which means you'd better avoid that day for having much more time for coaster fun
  3. Hey guys! Does anybody know when the TPR crew is visiting Cedar Point as the final stop for their trip? Is it the next weekend?
  4. Hi everybody! I am planning my first visit to CP during next September, and apparently all hotels inside the park have no more rooms available for that time! That is making me start to think about staying at a hotel in the Sandusky area. I come to all of you to ask for advice: I do not drive, so is there a way to get to the park by taxi or shuttle service different from the one that could be provided by the hotel (honestly, I am not sure if there will be a hotel shuttle service)? I have been searching the internet for a couple of days, finding nothing but out-of-date information Thank you all in advance, Greetings from Argentina! Walter
  5. Hello cb0688! Thank you so much for the information. I will go to the Hyatt website to see the prices and all that stuff. Does anybody know if I have to pay an "extra" ticket for Fright Fest? Do I have to pay for each House? Tks again! Walter
  6. Hi Everybody! My name is Walter, I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am visiting Tulsa from 12-Sep to 18-Nov, so I am eager to visit all the near parks! As I could see in the map, SFoT is a great option! That's why I'm planning a visit to that park. I have a few questions about that and I would be very happy if you could help me and give me some advice: 1 - Do you know any cheap hotel to spend the night? I'll be there just one night (on saturday). 2 - Are there any buses or trains still running at the park closing hour? I don't know how to return to the hotel once that park closes. 3 - Is it a wise decision to buy a combo ticket (meal included)? Does it vary significantly from purchasing meals and drinks directly inside the park? Thank you so much in advance! Walter ps: Any Tulsa roller coaster fans over there? I will be glad to meet you during my stay at town
  7. How cruel!! jajajaja! It's been years since I don't practice my English grammar, and now i'm doing it here, jejeje! (poor of you guys!) I didn't mean to hurt your eyes EBL! Now, I'll write 100 times: "December 21st, December 21st, December 21st..." perhaps, doing so, i'll get over my last breakup
  8. If it makes you feel better, I broke up more than 2 months ago, on December 21th (yes I KNOW, awful date, very awful!! but that was something I needed to do!), and eve though I'm dating new people to free my mind, I sometimes find myself missing, thinking about other possibilities besides rejection i could have taken, dreaming of my ex at nights... I think these things are common after a finished relationship, we have to get over them, and go on with our lives. There are no further choices, I guess (assuming that you don't want to go back...).
  9. Thanks for sharing the pics and pov!!! I love the queue theming, it really kick a$$!!! The only wooden coaster i rode, it was "Stampida" at Universal Port Aventura (Spain), but i hope i can enjoy T-Express someday!
  10. OMG!!! I can't believe that these things are happening today in our world!!! Teenage boys murdering school mates because of they're gay?? Is it frequently to watch or read these news up there, in an openminded country such us USA? Sorry, but it's still so hard to believe, really! One can hear of episodes where a gay is laughed at, or pushed away, but killing him for his sexual condition!!?? Speedracer, i wonder the same as you... will we have a better world in the nearest future??? HOPE SO!
  11. Of course it's not!!! I think most of us, gay men, had from small to big troubles at high school concerning our sexuality. I accepted it at the age of 18, when I was at the University, but I started to live it freely at 22 (now i'm 29). Although, i'm still attending psicoanalisis meetings, because i believe it really helps to understand ourselves! By the way... Moose, who are you in the avatar??? Very interesting topic! (sorry for my English grammar, i promise that i'll improve it post after post, jeje!)
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