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  1. To me, The brake run doesn't look any different to that of Batwing, Firwhawk or Borg. You also are shown how the seats are suppose to raise and lower as you enter the station, something not seen on Batwing anymore. By raising the lift to the angle they did, they remove the problem with the glare of the sun. Looks like an awesome ride and if it looks as fast as it does in the video, pretty insane if you ask me.
  2. BatwingFanSFA speaks... Hmmm.... going the way of AW and GL. Your predictions they weren't going to add anything new this year were on target as well.
  3. I heard the eighth coaster is X2. Regardless, I think this will be a definite plut not only for the park and but for the waterpark as well. It will really help with the crowds.
  4. The train wasn't half empty. I was at the park, saw the coaster stuck on the lift and can tell you the train wasn't half empty. What would give you that impression?
  5. That is an angle the news media in Washington hasn't covered with this accident. No one has called Vekoma and asked, how is this thing suppose to run? Has anyone checked the Library of Congress to see if there is copy of the Ops Manual on file. Six Flags America has done a safety media event with Fox 5. One of the stations that I feel has been reporting the story fairly. They showed how the P.G. County fire department practices doing an evacuation from the top of Joker's Jinx. Perhaps this would be an area the park could expand on when they reopen the ride. Bring the ride manufacture
  6. .... What I am saying is, everyone is making the assumption that Two Face's trains came down at a normal pace. Yes, brakes are normally in a closed position when you enter the brake run but you glide into a brake run, not come to a zero stop. Look at this video, I don't think I have ever seen a shuttle or invert coaster come back into a station, stop this quickly and at that speed.
  7. The news greatly exaggerated the story. That is what they do in Washington, D.C. This is Prince George's County on a Saturday night, the new crews know if your looking for a story on a Saturday night, send a crew to the Maryland, D.C. border and wait. Nobody was stuck upside/down. They were stuck on the lift. The way Two Face is made, your either in a really relaxing position and or your leaning against your shoulder restraints. So, everyone saying this is perfectly normal ocurrance, how many of you have been sprayed with hydraulic fluid when returning to the station and how many of
  8. The back of Superman used to have some great airtime. After the SFNE accident, where a guest was ejected, the restraints were modified in an attempt to ensure the rider was sitting in a proper riding position and to ensure guests over a certain weight or height couldn't ride. The addition of those restraints pretty much eliminated airtime in the rear of the train. The best seats on Superman now are in the front.
  9. Attached is the sign for the locker policy at Six Flags America. Note the sign says for Superman riders only, however, they aren't sitting there waiting for you to come out of Superman. You could use the locker for the full three hours if you want without paying the $5 per hour "late fee". Of course, if you don't want to pay the fee, there are alternatives. You could ride another ride, put your stuff in a locker at the front of the park, leave your stuff in the car, not buy a souvenier cup (not sure of the values of these anymore since they are now $11.99 with free refills that day o
  10. I think everyone's point is that Cedar Point has the same policy on two of their coasters and they charge for the service. Six Flags has the same policy on Goliath, Superman and Wild One and are charging for the service. Why the double standard. It doesn't matter if Millennium Force and TTD load and unload in two different stations. The fact of the matter is, Cedar Point could provide the lockers for free as could SF, but for whatever the reason they are charging for them, as does BGE and from what I'm reading on another site SWT on Steel Eel and Great White. If you ask me, it's a big
  11. Does Cedar Point charge for the lockers on rides they have a mandatory no loose articles policy?
  12. Hours 1-3 = $2 total spent $2 Hour 4 $2 = total spent $4 Hour 5 $2 = total spent $6 Hour 6 $2 = total spent $8 Provided you take your stuff out of the locker before the three hours is up, then you have only spent $2. You can ride as many rides as you want for three hours. Your per hour cost is .67 for the first three hours.
  13. We're talking less than .75 per hour. Is it really that big of a deal? Use the locker for three hours, it's not like their going to rip your stuff out of the locker at the end of three hours.
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