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  1. If you're interested in this attraction... There's a japanese movie based on it. Directed by Takashi Shimizu (Ju-On Director). I believe most parts are shot inside that attraction. (It is said to be shot during park off hours.) It's called The Shock Labyrinth 3-D.. Sorry if it's the wrong attraction but this one is a haunted attraction in Fuji-Q and i'm not sure if it's the same one you're talking about and I assumed one park should has only one famous haunted house.
  2. Yeah surprisingly Stitch is one of the most popular disney charactors in Japan... Not Mickey, sorry
  3. i'm not sure if it's old but I just noticed last time i went to TDL It's soooooooo cute so i took some pics Sorry if someone posted this before The Enchanted Stitch Room It'll open October, also Cirque Du Soleil will be open in Japan too about 5 minutes walk from Disney Ambassador
  4. I could be your guide through Thailand too bad I'm going to Japan next week cuz I can't stand my own (super hot) country Have fun!!! great TR.. it's like a warning for me ^^
  5. Sorry ,, by Disney Rides i meant Disney's Dark Rides like Snow White or Peter Pan
  6. OOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGG Pics are cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
  7. Sorry about the topic name.. I am really don't know what's it called Here's the pics which scared me, here's the story: There's a carnival called Coca Cola Global Carnival here in Thailand. Looks interesting but... there's one very quiet accident they tried to keep it low. Some girls get on this ride and this is what happen. the watcher on the ground caught it on tape which they captured it here. FORTUNATELY, no one dies no one hurt because of the safety rope (as you can see in the pic) When they got down they didn't know what was happen but everyone on the ground saw it and rushing to the office of the manager or something... They asked "Why is this not safe?" the answer was "If it's not safe the riders would be dead by now." The carnival done nothing but refund the ride fee... I don't know if this is common for this rid but if my relatives are on the ride and i'm watching it goes like that I would die of shocking... IMO... I'm shocked.... I've been on one in Singapore and I think it's safe.... No more for me haha! I'm now only in for Disney Rides!
  8. OMG I wish i have that channel... I'm so pissed i can't watch any of the disney related show since my country is Yeah .... so.. I might be getting torrent if there is any... I'm still sad because i can't find Kids Choice anywhere to watch
  9. I seriously heard about one in Orlando set to be the night theme park which has night safari... and i know nothing more... now it's not a joke seriously
  10. Not just waterslide... I'm not a waterpark-goer not only becuz of my tummy I've ride only 2 waterslides in my life... one I got bruises on my head for weeks [i shouldn't laid down in a sit-up slide] and another one i broke my leg
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