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  1. errrrrrrr duh it doesn't take a genius to realise that


    I tell you if my dad knew i was tellin you lot this he'd kill me.


    Geez, he sounds like an alcoholic.... All it takes for you is to tell the proper authorities that hes been beating you. When you were in the hospital, why didn't you tell anyone he did it?

  2. The support Joyland website now hosts a photo gallery. See it here.

    Hopefully more pictures can be added soon.. Bookmark the site guys!

    I just figured something out. The park went from wonderfully maintained (so my grandparents and their friends say) then, for a few years after the Nelson's took over, it turned crappier over the years. In the mid 70's, it was suggested they close the coaster because of the condition. It probably wasn't WG cyclone condition, but from what I've heard, it was bad. The nelsons kept it from there, and then in the 1990's things started getting better. In 2003/4 the nelsons pretty much went senile, and the park went down the drain.

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