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  1. Heres my entry to the GG coaster contest, it's not quite finished yet, but I just want to show it off. I don't have a name yet, but here it is, still in progress after 2 straight days of work.


    Those stupid workers STILL haven't installed the track!

    For the brake run enthusiasts.

    Lateral supports are in progress..

    A better view

    The mid-course brakes.


    90 degrees of SEX.

    H-beams on the back of the 90*

    I need to fix this.

    lift hill and stuff

    the curving first drop into a 70* banked curve.

    Tell me what you all think, it is my first coaster with custom stuff.

  2. www.screamscape.com/html/joyland1.htm

    Park News - (5/18/07) While it seems the local media has very little to say about what is going on at Joyland, we’ve heard a few disturbing things this week, but unfortunately we can’t very any of this right now so we’ll have to leave this under the rumor category. Our source tells us that the Nelsons, since retaking control of the property last month, have begun to remove various attractions from the park. It seems there have been a few fires at the park in addition to the small one in the Wacky Shack on April 18th, it seems vandals have gained access to the park, left much graffiti and set a few more small fires. It kind of makes you wonder if anything will be left worth saving once final control and ownership of the park is established.


    The Nelson's are being totally STUPID about this whole situation. I guess I should go and see if anything has left. If it is true, I just lost all faith in the Nelson's. Maybe they've gone senile, and don't know what the hell they are doing now. Hopefully this is just a rumor (rides being removed) and not true. I don't see how they could really move anything out though, the only "portable" rides are the wave-swinger, and the round-up.. I really doubt they could even move the round-up, the tires on it's trailer have probably partially rotted by now.

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