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  1. Part 3..

    What can I say, the round-up is insane.

    Best picture I took of it..

    Side profile

    The trailer it is on

    Coaster cars


    Scrambler, very fun.

    Parts of the old "Safari" darkride. Here is the signage

    The headhunter that lives in the Whacky Shack cut the clown's head off. Crazy.

    General park photo

    Don't talk to the operator?

    Evil at work.

    Look at that evil smile!

    He must be an early form of an evil cyborg.

    Crappy overexposed picture

    I put my camera over the 6 foot privacy fence, and weeds were there. WTF

    Damn you auto focus!

    Broken out window

    Poor western town

    Waiting for the coaster to fly over the hill..

    ACE Whacky Shack tour




    Sure is whacky..

    thats all for now


  2. Part two.. Again, no particular order.



    I want to float down the first drop again..

    The power plant (i think) that used to power the park and then some

    Check out the yummy log jam water. :-P

    An old coaster car


    WTF is it?

    Fresh paint??

    Coaster cars (laame)

    Lapbars getting painted



    Dont take my picture.. I'll kill you!

    I killed him.

  3. Part one...

    Pics in no particular order

    brake run

    I remember when there was a time a coaster would actually be going up..


    So a BARREL of CEMENT make the BRAKES work

    Drain'd log flume

    Best slide ever.

    Self explanatory

    Whacky Shack


    The line to get it (free admission that day, but only one guy was using the metal detector thing)


    Remember when the centerpiece was red?


    More pictures to come soon..

  4. So.. My grandfather died a week ago, and we decided to start going through his old belongings. This camera was bought in germany, and he wouldn't let ANYONE else touch it except him! It is in AMAZING condition.


    Here it is.


    Not digital

    Close up shot


    54 years and hardly showing any age

    Same with this lens.

    What could it be?

    Ah, an exposure meter.

    What is it?


    Anyone know?

    All kinds of fun stuff like lenses, manuals, and other stuff in there.

    A better look

    Advertisement on the manual


    For the misc. paper enthusiasts


    If anyone knows what that.. thing.. is, please tell me.


    thanks for looking

  5. I did some research on this Justin Sax guy, and he is a 57 year old man, most likely a total curmudgeon. There are trees, a ferris wheel, more trees, a coaster, some more trees, and a smelly creek between his house and the nearest source of music/noise. I think a bit of advice for Joyland would be to build a sound-wall or pay to soundproof some houses.

  6. This is for you people who don't want to take the time to read it all.


    The good news is that you may not have to return to Kansas at all for this case. It will be entirely up to you, but please consider what we have learned in the past days.


    1. The prosecutor offered this morning to recommend only a $100 fine, plus court costs, in exchange for your plea of guilty or no contest. This could be accomplished without your ever having to return to Wichita. As misdemeanor convictions go, this is hardly a heinous crime, and is not something that would harm one’s reputation or livelihood;



    3. The complaining witness Justin Sax was present, along with an entourage of neighbors, complaining loudly about the many times he’s had to show up at court and all the work he has missed. He went so far as to confront me outside, as if we had some duty to compensate him, when he’s the one who’s so bent on this prosecution.



    Although the complaining witness seems obnoxious from our perspective, it is possible that a judge might indulge his complaining if he is summoned to court again, and short of ordering restitution, or assessing special witness fees among the court costs charged to you, it could end up imposing a worse penalty than contemplated by the plea offer, if you were to be convicted. I don’t see the court ordering jail time (although the law allows the court to impose a six-month jail term), but a suspended six-month jail sentence with twelve-months of probation are more than a technical possibility if you were convicted. Any sentence would be stayed, put on hold, pending an appeal to the District Court, but such an appeal would be a different representation, and would require considerable attorney time, a substantially larger retainer, and more trips back to Wichita.



    Absolutely amazing....now I know why the police had no evidence...they do not need it on noise complaints...GUILTY until proven innocent...God bless America. I keep waiting for a black hole to swallow up Wichita city hall...not even light can escape the hole. THAT WOULD BE POETIC JUSTICE!


    It is becoming very clear I can't win this one. The reason the city is so determined is they need everything possible working against me, when we go to trial in the civil suit. If I plead guilty?...when you fill out applications etc. or have to answer the question...do you have a criminal record?...do I have to say yes? I assume the answer is yes. Pretty amazing I manage to live 44 years with no problems with the police or the courts...had to come to Wichita to learn I was a criminal.


    Bottom line, how long before I need to decide what direction I want to go? I need to speak with Robert and counsel on our civil case before I can decide.






    black hole swallowing wichita city hall

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