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  1. Just submitted my wood one. It was pretty easy since I only got a couple new ones this year.


    Top 10:

    El Toro             SFGAd                NJ,y,y,1
    Ravine Flyer II     Waldameer            PA,y,y,2
    The Voyage          Holiday World        IN,y,y,3
    My Favorite Steel   Anypark Anywhere     **,y,n,4
    Raven               Holiday World        IN,y,y,5
    Thunderhead         Dollywood            TN,y,y,6
    Cornball Express    Indiana Beach        IN,y,n,7
    Viper               SFGAm                IL,y,n,8
    The Legend          Holiday World        IN,y,y,9
    Phoenix             Knoebel's            PA,y,y,10


    Bottom 5:

    Rolling Thunder     SFGAd                NJ,y,y,82
    Colossus            S.F. Magic Mountain  CA,y,n,83
    Mean Streak         Cedar Point          OH,y,n,84
    Predator            Darien Lake          NY,y,n,85
    Son of Beast        Kings Island         OH,y,n,86

  2. Hersheypark was the worst day. I'm not sure why it took so long, but we ended up getting back to the two coasters at about 9:15. Even still I took 3 rides on Fahrenheit and 7 on Storm Runner in about 30 minutes.


    That is pretty standard at Hersheypark. Any ERT I have ever been a part of there has been late. If you started only 15 minutes late, then you did pretty good.


    My last was Storm Runners first season and we only got the last 5 minutes of our session in.

  3. ^ But isn't that what a loan is for. If Kennywood was certain that any improvement or upgrade would increase revenue, they would have already done it. It is as easy as driving downtown and visiting their local PNC loan officer.


    I am sure their credit is pretty decent and they have plenty of collateral.


    Kennywood is a million visit a year park and has been for years. They are mostly interested in keeping the loyal visitors coming back. That is what has supported the park for years


    // BTW, did anyone hear that they are doing season passes next year

  4. Yeah, that's what I have been saying. Instead of constantly basing their yearly upgrades on revenue, they now have a huge corporation's money to "play with," if you will.


    I don't think you get how this all works. Parque merely consolidated all the Kennywood assets. The management and philosophy are not changing. I don't think that any responsible owner, whether it be Parque or the Henningers, are going to "play with" money.


    // Wishes he could still ride a log flume or dark ride at Cedar Point, but is happy he still can at Kennywood

  5. I guess it is time to update mine:


    Just the coasters ...



    Ravine Flyer (Waldameer)



    Maverick (CP)

    Starliner (Cypress Gardens)

    Griffon (BGE)

    Minor Mike (Knucklehead's)



    The Voyage (HW)

    Goliath (SFoG)

    Stealth (Thorpe)

    Speed (Oakwood)

    Kentucky Rumbler (Beech Bend)

    Kumali (Flamingoland)

    Tatsu (SFMM)



    SheiKra (BGA)

    Kingda Ka (SFGAdv)

    Hydra (Dorney)



    Thunderhead (Dollywood)

    Storm Runner (Hershey)

    J2 (Clementon)

    Silver Bullet (Knotts)

    Steel Dragon (Waldameer)

    Cheetah Chase (BGT)

    Tomb Raider (Canada Wonderland)



    Top Thrill Dragster (CP)

    Scream (SFMM)

    Superman Ultimate Flight (SFGAdv)



    Wicked Twister (CP)

    Primeval Whirl (Disney AK)



    Phantom's Revenge (Kennywood)

    X-Flight (Geauga Lake)

    Hypersonic XLC (Kings Dominion)

    Cheeta (Wild Adventures)



    Kraken (Sea World Florida)

    Flying Unicorn (IOA)



    Exterminator (Kennywood)

    Gwazi (BGA)



    Mantis (CP)



    Mean Streak (CP)

    Steel Phantom (Kennywood)



    Magnum XL200 (CP)



    Thunderbolt Express (Camden Park)



    Iron Dragon (CP)

  6. That was under old ownership, where everything was based off revenue. Being owned by a giant corporation like Parque makes multi-million dollar upgrades and investments not out of the question anymore.


    I think there is this big misunderstanding concerning the buyout. The only reason for the buyout was the park had split to something like 200 different owners. For lack of a better description, Parque is pretty much acting as a silent (at least for now) investor. The Henninger family will most likely run this park the way it has always been run.

  7. Look at how rapidly Holiday World expanded, and they're not even near a big city like Pittsburgh.


    Actually, Holiday World is positioned very nicely between many medium-sized cities. The park also includes a water park, easy highway access and almost unlimited expansion area. I wouldn't expect Kennywood to come even close to that kind of expansion without the Mon-Fayette road and they might not even get an exit.


    Also, Holiday World charges $139.95 for their season pass.

  8. Now that I am back from my latest adventure and have time to actually post my opinion ... here it is:


    I think it is a bad idea. Mostly because the bread and butter of the park (the people who have supported it for years) do not go to the park more than a couple times a year. If you do anything to change the norm, such as longer lines, pricier food or even pay parking, they will turn their backs. This would be the deathblow for the park.


    I also remember the days back in the 80s when the park had a low general admission and it was scary. The park has really positioned themselves nicely and I hate to see anything throw the balance off. Of course, in the end, I don't think many people will buy the season pass. I would consider it my home park and I wouldn't do it.


    Now if we could just get Knoebels to do this. It would be a little harder to do since you dont pay for admission or parking, but it would be kinda neat to have a pass for the season.


    Didn't work out so well for Conneaut, but they did it.

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