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  1. For the first time ever, Kennywood will be offering season passes for the 2009 season.


    Greetings ACE members:


    ACE Western Pennsylvania is pleased to be the first to announce this exciting news that we are sure will interest you. We have learned that for the first time in the history of the park, in 2009 Kennywood will offer season passes! The cost is expected to be $89.95. A "season pass" rate will be available for KennyKon XX.



    ~The Fun Team

    Your ACE Western Pennsylvania Regional Reps

  2. I can definitely see where Robb, gets his logic from. The only coasters built by CCI after 2000 that are worth a damn were either finished by the park themselves or had park owners smart enough to put PTC trains on them.


    From my understanding, CCI owed PTC so much money that they would no longer deliver trains to any site for them. So park owners went and got them on their own and some didn't.


    From 2000 on:


    The Good:

    New Mexico Rattler (Park finished construction, PTC)

    Cornball Express (PTC)

    Boulder Dash (PTC)

    Legend (PTC)


    The Bad:





    The Dead:



    Mega Zeph

  3. On the Flashpass, I am wondering if the Gold is actually worth all of the extra money compared to the regular Flashpass?


    Not in my opinion. The regular is supposed to make you wait as long as the line, but it was super rare for us to find anything over 20-30 minutes. And I sure that the Dark Knight line was at least 90!


    The only reason I would ever recommend Gold is if you are with a large group of Enthusiasts and everyone wants to ride ... a lot. If you are just looking to ride everything and get a couple re-rides on the stuff you like, regular is sufficient.

  4. Day 2 - Hersheypark


    After our fun in New Jersey, we stayed the night in Harrisburg before heading to our next destination ... Hersheypark!


    The main reason for this visit was to review their newest attraction ... Fahrenheit. While that review is still in the works, enjoy these photos.


    We arrived at the park early, but still managed to get stuck in a queue for the ride. what probably should have been about a 30 minute wait ended up being slightly over an a hour due to some maintenance issues. Nothing major, but the second train was getting hung up right before the platform and maintenance had to reset the ride a couple times.


    Catrina is looking forward to her turn on Fahrenheit.


    When you ask anybody about the ride, the first thing they talk about is the lift. And why shouldn't they. I mean ...


    ... just look at it!


    Heading for the sky.




    The full layout of the ride is very tight and it doesn't take up much space at all. A lot of people are posting disappointment with the ride, but I thought it was pretty solid. I mean ... it isn't Maverick, but I don't really think it is trying to be.


    This train of riders seems to be satisfied.


    The ride starts off with a bang due to it's beyond vertical drop.


    Again, the layout is very tight.






    Posing with a kiss.


    Skeeball vendors beware. All your Scoobys are belong to us.


    Having been to the park recently, we opted to only ride a couple other rides before heading to Chocolate World then home. Wildcat was better with the new trains, but there is still some play there. My guess is that it is carry-over damage from the PTCs, but time will tell. Lightning Racer was still running very well.


    Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed.

  5. Day 1 - Seaside Heights (Casino Pier and Funtown Pier)


    With the sun starting to set, we drove a few more miles down the road to Seaside Heights. Not as sparkling clean as Jenkinsons, but boy did this place have character.


    The Boardwalk at Seaside Heights


    Also, there was one of those high-tech ski lift thingys that would take you on a scenic stroll down the beach.


    Big prizes were all the rage on the Boardwalk. Most places, you play for a stuffed animal. Here, you play for Coach Purses, Authentic Jerseys and LCD TVs.


    Catrina was instantly drawn to the Coach purse crane game.


    Funtown Pier off in the distance.


    Sorry Gator. Not really feeling that whorish today.


    But, I will never pass up the opportunity to ride another Treetop Racers.


    Upon reaching for the seatbelt, the operator told us "You don't need those. I don't think you will come out." Agreed.


    Casino Pier at night.


    Pirate's Hideaway. Part light. Part dark. All crap.


    Sort of got caught up in everything and forgot about the camera, but we really enjoyed Casino Pier. Well except for the bruises suffered at the hands of it's Wild Mouse. The Star Jet is one of the best placed coasters ever. At night, you could see nothing but water under you.


    All the sights and a worthwhile dark ride made the whole side trip worth it. Even if the parking ticket will end up costing me an extra $35.

  6. Day 1 - Jenkinsons Boardwalk


    Since we got through Six Flags Great Adventure rather quickly (thank you QBot), we headed grabbed a bite to eat and then headed down to the shore.


    Our first stop, Jenkinsons, was a nice surprise. The rides were pure Carny, but the area was very clean and well kept.


    For all you Mangels aficionados out there, their Pony Cart was museum quality.


    Dizzy Dragons. It is a load of fun, but evil ... pure evil.


    We passed on the first "coaster", Tornado.


    Pretty much the same idea as the Dragon Coaster at Dorney. Feels more like a flat ride than an actual coaster.


    I guess the Tattoo parlor moved this season.


    Moby Dick. If you ever wanted to know what a flying carpet feels like sideways. Then, look no further.


    The main reason for this stop was the park's Flitzer.


    Not the biggest coaster in the world, but fun. Well, probably more fun if I had took my long legs and sat in the front of the train.


    The ride was in perfect shape and I almost felt justified paying the $6 fee. I mean, after all, they had four people working the station.



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