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  1. I'm with Barry and Coasterexpert13, I am a non-smoker and always will be. I can't stand to be near anything or anyone that smells like smoke. I live in Carmel, IN, where we just started a smoking ban in all restaurants in Hamilton County. I like the new change.

  2. Thanks everyone for the great feedback, i am going to perdido key, florida for my spring break this year. I am going to stay in the Indigo west condominium tower. Pretty sweet if you ask me.




    this is the level where i will be

  3. I got this set for christmas and built the entire thing christmas day. Lets just say the top of it reaches my chin. This sucker is huge. I love it, but the micro parts were a little hard to work with.


    I now have my screamin' serpent junior going through my vertical vengeance. I used the junior, because i lost half of the parts for the screamin' serpent. I have to say, it's a nice little setup. I'd post pics, but i do not have a digital camera.


    Anybody else got one of these vertical vengeance coasters?

  4. I recieved:



    Hot Shots Golf Open Tee for PSP

    2 GB memory stick

    iPod radio remote

    The Sims 2: University PC

    RCT3 Wild PC

    Microsoft Flight Sim X

    Logitech Joystick

    Golf Simulator for my PS2

    Rolex (Fake) from dad (he told me he got it when he was in China for 5 bucks)

    best buy gift card

    K'nex vertical vengeance roller coaster


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