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  1. Well, wasn't too excited for black friday because it looked like it was going to be very busy this year.


    My goal was to get the PS3 bundle, and some games on Black Friday.


    I woke up on Thanksgiving, knowing i had to work from 1230-830, and not looking forward to going to walmart afterwards. I looked online at Gamestop, and they had the PS3 bundle online for 199.97 with 8 buck shipping. So I saved myself the headache and bought it. NO Lines or pepper spray. Unfortunately, the games I wanted I would have to go out for. Went to a Gamestop for B2G1 games at midnight at our local gamestop, only to find they are not open, went into walmart and walked out because it was so crowded, went to another gamestop that didn't open until 5, went home and went to bed. In the morning I had to work at 930 so I decided to hit up the local gamestop that was closed until 5am last night, and got all my games no questions asked.


    Black Friday can suck it!

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