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  1. On 11/6/2022 at 8:53 AM, pege said:

    I know it's many years since this request was put here. But this popped up during an interview with my father this week.

    My father and mother was visiting Liseberg (Sweden) in 1963 (Sept-6), and was sitting on the bench next to the Meteor. Suddenly an axel broke, and crashed onto that same bench, fortunately he noticed it breaking, and pulled his wife (mom) away from the bench. They would not have survived if didn't se it, but they survived without any harm. 15 people got hurt at that incident.

    Here is a link http://www.lisepedia.se/Meteor.html (in Swedish, but you could use Google Translate)


    WOW...thankfully your parents got out of the way of the crash. I used Google translate and it sounds like it was the same Meteor at Liseberg taken from the Seattle World's Fair pictured.

  2. Summertime Rolls - Jane's Addiction


    only 15 and into JA? I'm impressed (no seriously).

    tho I prefer "Nothing's Shocking". . in particular "the Mountain Song" over anything they did later on.


    It's my dad's all time favorite band, I found his CD copy of Ritual de lo Habitual the other day and curiosity got the better of me.


    I've been listening to NS on repeat for the past few days, so good it hurts. Ocean Size is one of my favorite opening tracks on any album, period. I'm in love.


    My friends and I were at a college Sugarcubes show back in the early 90's where a young lady in front of us was wearing a jean jacket that hand-paintedly read on the back, "Jane's Addiction". We inquired and said we'd never heard of...she said "You will", which I still remember to this day, and we did indeed.

  3. Liseberg is absolutely one of THE best parks on the planet - what a total national treasure that cannot be understated, and I continue saying I had my best ever park visit day there on the TPR trip a decade or so ago (THANK YOU ROBB & ELISSA). The addition of Valkyria, not to be confused with the other Val diver or Kilmer, looks really great - plus that station! WOW. Thanks for sharing and bringing back great memories of my visit. I hope the park's meatballs w/ lingonberry sauce are still as great as ever too.

  4. Hey all. Going to Dollywood in about 2 weeks. I am more then likely going to get the 10 ride skip the line system. Unless people say it is not needed. I see that Lighting rod is not open right now. Can i get some tips and other advice that would really help me. Also how much is parking?


    You can park for free in Pigeon Forge at the Trolley Station behind the Old Mill and ride the Fun Time "Dolly Trolley" as I call it to the park for 50 cents/person one way. I like leaving the driving and parking to them, and the drop off/pick up is very close to the park gate.



  5. I LOVE this thread already, and that Seaglass Carousel is a STUNNING work of art! Absolutely beautiful. I like how they used a bubble effect on the glass for the ride signage - just perfect. Only real bubbles floating around while in motion would make it even more triptastic. Thank you for sharing since I never knew it existed, and now I really hope to check it out on my next visit to NYC.


    I'm really looking forward to discovering more carousels I never knew existed in this unique thread!

  6. I've been to 4 or 5 HWN events now. They are a fantastic value for the money and well worth it in my opinion. In the past, my friends and I have gone to Kentucky Kingdom on Friday before the event, and then since Louisville is ahead of Santa Clause, IN by an hour, move to HW in time for the start of HWN. Definitely use the time change in your favor. HW knows how to treat its event guests right with lots of perks and loads of food too (FUDGE!!). The water park is usually more crowded during the main part of the day on Saturday of the event, but HWN has included ERT on Mammoth, Wildebeast, and a few other Splashin' Safari attractions during water park ERT, which I think was on Friday night last year. The dry park ERT on Friday night and Saturday is plenty enough to get in loads of rides on the coasters and a few other attractions they usually include like Gobbler Getaway, Firecracker, Crow's Next, Turkey Whirl, etc. They will feed you well on Friday and Saturday. I don't think you'll regret going to HWN by any stretch.

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