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  1. True Lies. And Punch-Drunk Love rocks my socks.


    "This isn't funny. This isn't cute. See, the way we're looked at? Because, I'm not a toy. I'm not a doll. The way we're looked at because you think we're cute? Because--what? I'm made to feel like a freak...if I answer questions...or I'm smart...or I have to go to the bathroom? What is that, Jimmy? What is that? I'm asking you that."

    "I'm not sure, Stanley."

  2. Amnesia? Whoa.


    Anyways, just be cautious. Stay away from haunted houses, for one. I rode this one at our fair and a strobe went off and I swear I nearly had a seizure. Talk to your doctor, also, and ask people about rides before riding them; they might be able to tell you what to expect.


    But defenitely talk to your doctor. If he says not to ride rides, listen to him.

  3. I couldn't find anything, and I thought it would be a good idea to put all the videos we find into one thread instead of a lot of them.


    To start off...a sort of homemade version of that robot arm ride.


    This guy has a lot of faith in whoever's controlling that thing. At one point I think his head is actually being dragged along the ground. If your sound is off you can make your own effects: smack crunch smack smack crunch thunk smack...



  4. The problem with PE is that it can be very inconsistient when it comes to grades. My PE teacher, this year, graded us in our Bowling unit (I'm in "Life Sports" where we do bowling and billiards and whatnot) like this. He bowled a game, and got 150. If we got a 140, we got 100 percent, 130 a 90 percent, and so on. I bowled a 70 and almost failed the class. My teacher last year graded us in our basketball unit based on how hard we tried to get the ball in the basket (ie, if we tried to do all the moves).

  5. Hi, Cananada. Wo ist deine bagged milch?


    I doubt the draft will get reinstated, what with all the opposition.


    Lol, what?!?

    What's wrong with bag's of milk?


    German for "Where is the [bagged] milk?" It's a joke; the half-language of Canada is French, not German, and bagged milk is freakin' awesome.

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