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  1. But wouldn't it be better to take more pictures, so you can look back on it?.


    Ok, corollary: the better the photos, the better the memories. If you snap a thousand photos of the Hard Rock Cafe you probably wouldn't have a reason to go back. If you could remember every single thing about a movie would you want to watch it again?


    Just remember to think about your photographs.

  2. Too bad you're not doing the big island, there's some absolutely gorgeous places there. Lava tunnels are neat-o!. Granted, I went when I was six, and I'm pretty sure that most of Hawaii is pretty similar.


    Protip! The more photos you take, the fewer memories you have.

  3. Welcome to the Shopping Game!


    You pick up your items and head to the checkout. In front of you is an old lady.





    -Wedge of cheese





    The old lady takes out a checkbook and slowly begins to write in it.


    Time passes.


    You become angry.


    Choose a weapon:

    1) Baguette

    2) Celery

    3) Wedge of cheese


    You have selected option 3





    -Dented wedge of cheese

    -Old dead lady


    Sometimes, I swear...

  4. In all seriousness, I was brought up athiest by a chemist and a palentologist. My mother things religion is silly and/or crazy and my father, while well-versed on the Bible (every Christmas he tells us the story of Christ, and Easter, and so on), is also pretty anti-religion. I'm more just sort of "spiritual" (read: I obsessively eat my M&M's in clusters of four).




    Fun section!


    I'm from the Church of Scientology and I believe the world was shat out of Tom Cruise's heiney.


    Apparently, this also applies to many other religions:


    Eat it or go to H-E-double-hockey-sticks!

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