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  1. LOL, Brian Fellows! I am almost done with the pics also. Too bad you did not get pics of the stalkers. Great update. I am going to try and go back again before the end of the season to get some more pics and video.


    BTW Looks like I have most of the "Derek buzz'd by noon" pics, so I will be posting those soon.



  2. Looks like you had fun. When I was there last July, the security NAZI almost made me stop taking pictures of...the rides. I never did get a reason out of him, and even after complaining to the park management, they still did not see a problem with accosting guests and asking them why they were taking pictures.


    Oh well, I got my credit and will never go back!


    He thought you were a child molester. I remember that story...lol.


    So that is where you went Derek. Nice pics. They have a CP Huntington train also, was it running?

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