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  1. Yea, it sucks becuase Jim BAKKER really admired Walk Disney World, and based a lot of Heritage on Disney. Who knows what all would be there today if he was able to keep building. I read where he was planning a theme park itself, with a lot of Disney type dark rides based on stories of the Bible. If that fat pig Jerry Falwell had not distroyed it all, it would be ran still...by someone.


    Good news is that the main hotel park and shoppes are being renovated so at least some of it will be saved.



  2. Hey guys, I went up to Heritage USA yesterday to get some video and I was shocked when I saw that they have started tearing down the water park. They have also torn up a lot of the Walk Of Faith at the Upper Room. We are going back over the weekend to docu what we can of it. So far, the slides off the side of the mountain, and all the decking and buildings to the lake have been leveled. Mr. Crab is a gonner also.


    Luckily, I was able to salvage some cool wooden signs before they were distroyed...like the Observation Deck one and the Sea Cave Cafe sign...among a few others:)


    Here are some pics..it totally sucks!


    What is left of the slides


    Mr. Crab after


    Mr. Crab before


    Here is what is left of the slides!

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