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  1. Yo T !


    I wasn't gonna steal SF NOT OPERATING from you.

    I didn't even use it yet.


    I just took a whole bunch of photos inside the park yesterday and today. If you all were close by i would show them to you.


    Everyone talks about the water but some rides were destroyed by wind and flying debris.


    Is that where that pic came from that you posted of that doll? I saw that and that is what I thought it was.

  2. Well at BGW You should Hit Alpengiest i thik it is one of the best inverts ever.

    Plus you should go on Curce Of Darcasle [i think thats how you spell it]

    I have dark rides ut this is a really sweet one.


    And at PKD you should ride

    Volcano TBC

    Hypersonic XLC

    Drop Zone

    And Beast


    Actually, it is Curse of DarKastle and The Beast is not at PKD but Paramount's Kings Island!


    Since I worked at BGW for 4 years in Entertainment, I am partial to the shows, so I would suggest taking in one or more once you get your fill of the coasters. Plus, if you are going in the middle of summer, it can get pretty hot in Virginia.


    I would also suggest doing Hypersonic first since it seems to have the lowest capacity. When I went this summer, we did Hypersonic, then Richochet, and Hurler since they are all very near each other. Volcano's line also moved rather quickly, and we were able to get 2 rides on it.


    I would suggest skipping PKD and spend 2 days at BGW..but that's just me:)

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