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Supernovae Productions goes Skyline Park Germany 14-07-2023

During our roadtrip to Austria we made an stop at Skyline park on are way to Langenfeld.

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Hello all,

Hereby our first trip report of our summer holiday 2023.

We take you to Skylinepark, an amusement park in the German town of Rammingen
Our final destination would be the town of Längenfeld in Austria, so this fun amusement park was a nice stopover. The night before we had an overnight stay in Stuttgart, so that we could visit Skylinepark fresh and fruity. It was the first time for all three of us, so a lot to discover!

We decided to take it easy that morning and enjoyed the hotel's extensive breakfast buffet before we got into the car towards the park. After all, it was a weekday and the schools didn't have a holiday yet, so we didn't expect a lot of crowds.

Before we get started I have 3 choices for you:

Choice 1 is the full Vlog of the day for those who don't like to read.

Choice 2 is a compilation video accompanied by music (William Orbit), for those who don't like endless talking.

Choice 3 is a nice read below with the loose onrides in between to view.


Somewhere around 11.00 am we arrived and it was immediately noticeable that it was a very nice park with a few special attractions. Of course we knew about the 'Skywheel' a Skyloop rollercoaster from Maurer Rides. We therefore decided to choose this new type of roller coaster for all three of us as the first attraction of the day. Take some photos and videos along the way and then enter the queue. After waiting a few rides, it was time. Unfortunately not yet front seat, which came the rides afterwards. Yup, we did indeed do several rides, what a great fun job! The only nasty thing was the brake when the train stopped for a moment at the top, that gave you a slap in the back, but as a seasoned coaster fan we are used to something, right?

Supernovae Productions Crew: Supernovae78, Supernovae Jr. and Coaster Iris.



After this we decided to go in the 'Sky Twister' this is a nice Huss Condor, nice speed, high, but no different from the other condors we had done.

So... one Huss attraction later, time for a roller coaster again and now just found one next to the 'Sky Wheel'! The 'Kids Spin'. Yes you guessed it: a spinning coaster more aimed at children. Later in the day there was also the somewhat more intense spinning coaster (with the emphasis on intense…), but more about that later. We went in with the motto, Just for the coaster bingo, but during the ride we found out that it really was a nice ride, it spun nicely. As it had a short track we got 3 laps for the price of 1 which is always fun!

It was very hot that day, so something with water was certainly welcome, so looking for a water attraction.

Soon we saw the 'Sky Rafting', a (as CoasterIris always says) water slide that got out of hand. It first traveled through the German fairgrounds from 2005-2010, but eventually found its permanent place in this park. We entered the round boat and with a vertical lift we were hoisted high and then started the descent. It soon became clear that you really had to hold on tight, because he was fast and had quite a few corners. As always you end up with a splash at the bottom, this one was good but we weren't soaked.

After a refreshing 'dive' in the Sky Rafting, we decided to view the park in a higher atmosphere by going into the Allgäuflieger; a starflyer that, at 142 m high, is the tallest starflyer in the world.
Well, not all three of us were in those higher spheres as one of us would have liked to put his feet back on the ground as soon as possible  (see our vlog and or onride). But how beautiful it is to view the park from this perspective.


Earlier in the day we had already spotted a haunted house and of course we couldn't skip it, so we boarded the Geisterbahn designed by Mack. Like most haunted houses we've done, this one was laughable and wrong rather than actually startling you. So we were rather laughing than we wet our pants with fear . But it sure was fun.

Well, time for a roller coaster again and what I told you earlier in this trip report, there was also another Spinning coaster in addition to the Kids Spin, ladies and gentlemen I present to you: the 'Sky Spin'! A torture device from Maurer Rides…. First you are hoisted up via the lift hill, you don't know what to expect yet. A nice spinning coaster you think… none of this is true as soon as you start spinning it soon turns out to be more of a torture device than a fun spinning coaster. You will be thrown in all directions and the word 'smooth' is not in the dictionary of this attraction. As we wanted to keep our Youtube Channel family friendly, we are very conscious not to swear in rides, but trust us we had to do our best not to use words that are not in the Bible 

When all our guts were back in the right place, we agreed: this once, but never again! Let's relax in the 'Wildwasserbahn' a Log Flume from Mack with a nice theme and the highest mobile wild water course in the world (30 m). Fun fact: there has been another Wildwasserbahn here before, but this one eventually went to Eifelpark.
Fun ride with fun elements and, like every Log Flume, ends with a high drop and a big splash. Compared to the previous Sky Rafting, we got a bit wetter in this, but this was also doable.


In the park was also the Sky Dragster, a Powered Coaster from Maurer Rides. The two of you sit behind each other on the motorcycle and you can decide how fast you go after you have been 'launched'. We soon noticed that this was not capacity attraction. After about 15 minutes of waiting, maybe 2 bikes had left and we still had quite a few rides ahead of us before it was our turn.
What do we do? Keep waiting? But then we can hardly do any other attractions, after all, it was already after 3 p.m. After some deliberation, we decided to ignore the attraction, so that we could focus on the rest.

At the beginning of the day we already walked past the 'Sky Rider', a gyroflyer from manufacturer Caripro, the same builder of the Batflyer in Duinrell (which never came) and Batfly from Plopsaland de Panne. Still a roller coaster with a Dutch touch because this company comes from the Dutch town of Weert. With an elevator you go up and via a single track you make the descent down. Nice job and for Supernovae JR and Supernovae the first they have done. CoasterIris had already done the Bat once (in the video she says this was her first Gyroflyer, but she forgot about the Bat).


Time to test our 'race skills' in 'Formel 1' a go-kart track. Could we surpass Max Verstappen  ? No, unfortunately that is not possible on such a small track, oh well, it's just as fun for in between, let's say.

During the day we also saw the 'Krinoline' a Hully Gully from Schwarzkopf, one we wanted to do, because we didn't come across it very often in amusement parks. Fun little thing, but not one you want to queue up for.

We decided to make some movies from the 'Riesenrad' (ferriswheel) and then go wild in the 'High Fly' an inverting frisbee. As often, these things seem more intense when you're looking at it from the ground than when you're in it, so this time too. Supernovae Jr decided to take a second ride, he had never done such an attraction before (height restrictions) so he took his chance.

End of the day time to eat (or so we thought). Earlier in the day we had already seen that there was a catering point with delicious Gyros sandwiches and we had set our minds on that. Mouth watering we arrived and what did we see: the shutters were closed? What? Close around dinner time? That is very bad! We were advised by the staff to go to another catering point, which also appears to be closing its shutters.

Quite wondering why the catering points were closed so early (do they not want to make money ???) we walked to the exit assuming that we had to eat somewhere outside the park. At the exit we saw that the restaurant was open there and so a little later we were enjoying a Schnitzel with fries.

After the stomach was filled, it was time to drive to Längenfeld in Austria, where the rest of our adventures of this beautiful holiday would begin and we also ended this holiday with another amusement park, but that is another story  .

All in all it is a nice park in the category of small parks. Not a full day park unless you really want to do the 'Sky Dragster'. Because they closed the restaurants, we unanimously decided to give the park 4 stars. If there were more eating options around dinner time, they would have gain the full 5 stars in our opinion.

In the hope that it has entertained you and until the next trip report!

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