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(RCT2) Six Flags Miami - My Quarantine Project

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So, like the rest of you, This Pandemic had me stuck in the house, bored, and sad because all of the parks closed down. So one day I decided to open up RCT2 and see what I could come up with. I started with the scenario editor and after like a week, I decided that I was satisfied.


I then thought about which state didn't have a Six-Flags Park, and eventually my mind decided on Miami. I wanted something that rolled of the tongue easily.


So after another 2 weeks, I had pretty much finished up the first few rides and started on the paths and the landscaping, theming etc. I knew I wanted specific rides and ride types and the ideas came as I played. I wish I could remember the exact date I started the park but I forgot to write it down.


So since I have opened the park, I decided to go ahead and make a thread.


I will post more updates soon, I just have to get the screenshots organized and the descriptions for each.


So Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to Six Flags Miami!


The Logo... Imma eventually make another one but this one was quick and easy.


The Entrance Plaza while the park was still closed.

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The first thing I knew I wanted was a Mine Train, mainly because most (if not all) Six Flags has one.


Since we no longer have the blessings of Arrow, I contacted Vekoma to see what they could come up with. It didn't take them long to draw up the Miami Goldrusher.


Its terrain based, with two lift hills and an underground tunnel finale. Goldrusher has 4 trains with an immaculate blocking system that took ALOT of thought.


Vekoma Custom Mine Train

6,155 Feet of track

Max Speed - 54 MPH

Over 3 minutes of ride time

Family Coaster



4 Trains – 6 Cars per train – 4 passengers per car – 24 Guests per train


The Entrance to the Miami Goldrusher.


A train cresting the first lift, which leads into a gental drop followed by a few helixes and bunny hops.


After climbing the second lift, Goldrusher gets a little more exciting.


Heres a better of view of the ride after Lift 2.


And finally, the train pops out from underground and safely into the brake run.

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